Drawing Easy and Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

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Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Creating a mandala may seem daunting initially, but I assure you it's a manageable easy and rewarding art form achieved through a therapeutic and meditative process.  As we have given you ideas about what mandalas are and how you can start your mandala art journey, allow us to give you a simple and comprehensive step by step guide on creating easy mandala art. In this guide, we'll delve into two types of mandala arts: a step-by-step process for drawing a generic easy mandala and another for creating a mandala on graph paper. So, let's embark on this creative journey together.

Step by Step Guide on Creating Simple Mandala Art

Step 1. Draw a Center Point

Start with a small circle in the centre of your paper. To begin, draw a centre point. It could be a small circle that marks the nucleus of your art. This would serve as the foundation for what will unfold on the blank canvas before you. 

Simple Mandala Art Design

Step 2. Draw Basic Shapes

Extend lines or shapes from the centre circle, like spokes on a wheel. Building upon the foundation, draw basic shapes and lines.  You may extend lines or make shapes ahead from the central point, you know, like spokes radiating from the hub of a wheel? These initial shapes would serve as a framework for the more intricate details that will follow.

Mandala Art Designs

Step 3. Add Second Layer

Add a new layer of shapes around the first layer, maintaining symmetry. With the foundational elements established, proceed to elevate your artwork by introducing a second layer of shapes surrounding the initial arrangement.

Simple Mandala Art

Step 4. Add Patterns

To add visual richness to your art, add patterns to each section. You can do that by intersecting layers. Within these spaces, introduce simple elements such as dots, lines, or curves. Experiment with different arrangements and combinations, and add new patterns.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 5. Define with Pen

As you move ahead with your drawing, pick up a pen and add defining details. Add creative shapes, lines, and patterns, and bring clarity and precision to the entire composition. The use of a pen or darker pencil allows you to emphasise key elements, adding a layer of boldness and permanence to your artwork. As you trace the contours and intricacies with intention, the design acquires a polished and finished quality, elevating it to a level of meticulous detail. 

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 6. Erase Guidelines

Once you have completed the basic design, remove the pencil lines. This step involves delicately erasing the initial sketches and guiding lines, leaving behind a clean and unblemished presentation of your art.

Step 7. Add Colour 

To add vibrancy and brightness to your art, add colours to your artwork. This can be done by using coloured pencils or markers. This creative choice allows you to breathe life into the intricate sections and patterns you've meticulously developed.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 8. Review and Adjust

Before considering your art complete, take a  pause to carefully review your mandala. During this crucial step, pay close attention to the overall composition, scrutinising the balance of shapes, patterns, and colours. Make any final adjustments necessary to ensure a harmonious equilibrium across the entirety of your creation. This contemplative moment allows you to refine the intricate details, ensuring that each element contributes seamlessly to the overall visual unity. Consider the flow and symmetry, and assess whether the colours enhance the intended mood or theme. 

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Up next, we have a guide for creating a mandala on graph paper.

Step by Step Guide on Drawing a Mandala on a Graph Paper

Here is what you will need:

1. Graph paper
2. Pencil
3. Eraser
4. Compass
5. Ruler
6. Fine-tip pens or markers 

Step 1: Gather Materials

Collect all the materials listed above, and sit calmly in a cosy spot before you start. 

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Use the compass and draw a large circle in the centre of your graph paper. This circle will serve as the base of your mandala. You can adjust the compass according to your desired size.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art

Step 3: Divide the Circle

Next, divide the circle into equal parts. You can start by drawing horizontal and vertical lines passing through the centre, creating four quadrants. Then, add additional lines to create more sections. The number of sections depends on the complexity you want for your mandala.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art

Step 4: Create Patterns in Each Section

Within each section, add patterns or designs. Common elements include circles, dots, lines, petals, and geometric shapes. Be creative and experiment with different patterns in each section.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 5: Repeat Patterns Symmetrically

As you add patterns to one section, repeat them symmetrically in the corresponding sections. This will give your mandala a balanced and harmonious look. Use the lines as a guide to ensure symmetry.

Step 6: Add Details

Continue adding details and detailed patterns to each section. You can combine different shapes, experiment with shading, and add more complexity to your mandala.

Step 7: Explore Different Elements

Feel free to incorporate various elements, such as curves, spirals, and more intricate geometric shapes. 

Step 8: Adjust and Refine

Take a step back and look at your mandala. If needed, make adjustments to ensure symmetry and balance. Erase any unwanted lines or details.

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 9: Add Final Touches

Once you are satisfied with the overall design, you can add final touches, like outlining the main lines with fine-tip pens or markers to make them stand out. You can also add shading or colour if you like. Your mandala is complete!

Drawing Simple Mandala Art : A Comprehensive Guide

Step 10: Enjoy Your Mandala

Now, this is the most important step. You must love and admire what you have created. With the mandala, you have unleashed your inner artist. Don’t forget to pat your back.

Get ready to unleash your creativity by grabbing a chart paper, a blank canvas, or even some graph paper. Let your pencil become the storyteller as you follow our detailed guide, step by step, to create stunning mandala art. Don't forget to share your masterpiece with friends. If you're looking for pre-drawn mandala designs that offer a meditative colouring experience, explore our collection of mandala art books by Offshoot Books.

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