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About Us

Like a new branch emerging from an ancient oak/banyan tree, Offshoot came into existence as a breath of fresh air. Started in 2016, Offshoot aims to bring forth fun unconventional elements to your reading experience. With books that are all about inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and thinking outside the box, Offshoot does away with the typical and ushers in the freshness of change. We firmly believe that books never get old. This also applies to the spirit and creativity of the reader. 

With this in mind, Offshoot attempts to unfold a different story by breaching the conventional barriers of established norms and trying to change the mindset of curious eyes. Books can be filled with thrilling and stimulating activities that refresh your mind. In a world that compels us to be surrounded by screens all the time, Offshoot helps you off-load your worries as you work off-line and off-screen with our books

Divided into three segments–Offshoot, Offshoot for Kids, and Offshoot Education, our books create an exciting experience for readers of all ages. From books that are language friendly for young readers to books for those stuck in the 9 to 5 cycle, Offshoot allows you to express yourself and reacquaint with the charm of everyday life. 

For the young reader, the books provide simple yet stimulating content that helps in the overall development. With series like Telling Teeny Tales, the kids can keep their young creative minds at work. When the kids are stuck in a waiting room, the Are We There Yet? and the Go Seek series can keep them engaged, all the while expanding their knowledge about the world. 

As for the adult reader, the books are all about unwinding. Offshoot will be the funny/wild friend that adult readers need in their life to help them to de-stress and get in touch with their inner (wild) child. Books such as Social-Not-Working are the perfect companion to put down the phone and take a break from social media. Meanwhile, books like Woe-dult and Time Out are designed to loosen up the stress of daily life.

So, take an Offshoot book to the beach to enjoy a blissful sunset. If you are not an outside person, then grab an Offshoot book and sink deeper into your bed (under a quilt) on a weekend at your place. Now grab a shopping cart and enter the world of Offshoot!