Where Can You Find Inspiration for Mandala Art Designs?

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Where Can You Find Inspiration for Mandala Art Designs?

Are you searching for inspiration to kickstart your mandala art? Have you been staring at a blank canvas, pen in hand, unsure of where to begin? If so, we're here to help! We've compiled a collection of ideas to spark your creativity and get you on board the path to creating stunning mandala art. 

First of all, a pro tip- Sit back, relax, and set your imagination free; let your thoughts take the lead in the exploration.

Where can you find inspiration for mandala art designs?

1. Nature

As rightly said, nature has the solution to everything, and yes, that includes your mandala art ideas too.

Take a moment to observe the delicate intricacies of flowers, the graceful formations of leaves, the amazing varieties of birds and animals, and the geometric wonders present in the environment. Allow the beauty of these elements to guide your hand as you replicate their details in your mandala designs.


Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books 

By incorporating the rich textures and symmetrical patterns observed in plants and the natural world, you can infuse your mandala art with a harmonious balance of intricacy and organic grace.

Nature Mandala Design Arts

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

Nature Mandalas Designs Art

2. Geometry

We all have found solutions to numerical problems in our Mathematics books. But, quite surprisingly, the Maths book may also hold the key to unlocking your creative block. Grab a Maths book and find out the chapter on geometry.

Geomatry Mandals Art Designs

Source: Breaking the Patterns/Offshoot Books

Study the fundamental geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles and spirals. Let these timeless shapes become the building blocks of your mandala art, infusing your creations with a sense of symmetry and cosmic harmony.

3. Colour Therapy

Get ready with your canvas and bring all the colours you can find. Now, don't just dip your brush in the palette, throw a colour party and let the masterpiece unfold!

Experiment with a kaleidoscope of hues inspired by the emotional and energetic properties associated with different colours. Choose shades that evoke specific feelings or energies, allowing the emotional resonance of your mandala to transcend the visual realm. Whether it's the soothing blues, invigorating yellows, grounding greens, intense reds and passionate pinks and let the colours harmonise to convey a narrative that extends beyond the visual aesthetics. In this colourful journey, your mandalas become not just visually captivating but also powerful conduits for emotional expression and psychological resonance.

Color Therapy Mandalas Art Designs

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

Color Therapy Mandala Designs

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

4. Travel

The greatest stories are written in the ink of experiences. When you travel, you enrich yourself with such experiences. You can thus, use these experiences to create your mandalas.

Travel Mandala Art Designs

Source: Explore-o-holic/Offshoot Books

Remember the architectural marvels you saw- stained glass windows, the geometric patterns of tiles, or the ornate decorative elements that adorn buildings. Allow these architectural marvels to shape the foundation of your mandala designs, incorporating the precision and elegance found in structural aesthetics.

Travel Mandala Arts

Source: Explore-o-holic/Offshoot Books

Travel Mandala Arts Designs

Source: Dream-o-holic

Additionally, infuse your mandalas with the essence of places you've travelled to. These could be gardens, mountains, beaches or everyday places like markets and religious places. Capture the unique spirit and cultural nuances of each location.

 5. Food

Food isn't just about cooking; it's a muse. In the kitchen, you sculpt with flavours, creating edible art. Now, use this art as inspiration for your mandalas.

Food Mandala Design Arts

Source: Food-o-holic/Offshoot Books

Begin by closely observing the textures and patterns in various foods, from the intricate details of sliced fruits to the repeating designs in vegetables.

Food Mandala Designs

Source: Food-o-holic/Offshoot Books

Explore the vibrant colour palettes different cuisines offer, using their characteristic hues to evoke a sensory experience. Experiment with the diverse shapes and forms found in culinary delights, such as the circular nature of fruits or the geometric precision of sliced vegetables. Fuse culinary cultures into your designs, drawing inspiration from the global tapestry of dishes. Consider creating a series of mandalas that tell the visual story of your culinary exploration.

 6. Shopping

Observe the patterns and shapes encountered during your shopping excursions, whether it be the repetitive arrangement of products on shelves, the intricate details of packaging, or the symmetrical layouts of displays.

Shopping Mandala Arts Design

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

Shopping Mandala Arts Designs

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

Shopping Mandala Design Arts

Source: C’est la Vie/Offshoot Books

Capture the essence of the shopping environment by incorporating elements like shopping carts, bags, or even the typography of brand logos into your mandalas.

7. Books and Literature

It is often said that books are the best friends for all. Well, they can even act as inspiration. Once you embark on a journey of immersing yourself in the pages of literature and exploring books on symbolism, spirituality, or mythology, you will get amazing ideas for your mandala. Dive into the rich narratives and archetypal symbols found within the written word, letting the wisdom of literature guide your creative journey.  These include the intricate texts, characters, stories, and even overarching themes. Through the language of shapes, patterns, and colours, your mandalas become visual narratives, paying homage to the timeless allure of literature and the boundless imagination sparked by the world of books.

 8. Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is not just a practice; it's a ritual of sculpting strength, flexibility, and a peaceful mind. In addition to this, it can infuse the principles of tranquillity and balance into your mandala designs. Each line, curve, and colour becomes a reflection of the calming influence that yoga brings, creating mandalas that not only please the eye but also resonate with the soothing spirit of inner balance and mindfulness.

Yoga and Mindfulness Mandala Design Arts

Source: Dream Weaver/Offshoot Books

Now that we have given you a bunch of ideas to start your mandala art journey, grab a chart paper and let your drawing pen do the talking. 

But, if you are still wondering where to find easy yet interesting mandala designs, then take a look at the wide range of mandala art books offered by Offshoot Books. These include mandala colouring books, dot-to-dot books, and even craft and scrapbooks for you to create your own mandalas. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these and get set, go on your artistic journey.

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