Cinderella Story in English

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Cinderella Story in English

Fairy tales are like magical stories loved by everyone. They teach us good things like being kind, strong  and never giving up. They whisk us away on exciting adventures with fantastical creatures. These stories help us understand our cultures and even ourselves. They might be a bit scary sometimes, but they always end happily. And the best part? New fairy tales keep popping up, so the fun never stops!

Cinderella Story in English
Cinderella Story in English
Cinderella Story in English
Cinderella Story in English

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While fairy tales are cherished for their enchanting narratives and moral lessons, they are also very old and laden with old norms. Remember how they start?

Once upon a time, there lived a poor, orphan girl who was always sad… Ugh! 

Fairy tale characters falling prey to their fate and waiting for external forces to change their circumstances- very outdated. However, our love for these tales endures. At Offshoot Books, we decided to give our favourite fairy tales a twist, empowering characters with messages of self-determination. And what better choice than “Cinderella”?

Let us tell you a bit about “Cinderella” first because the intellectual critter inside us is clamouring.

"Cinderella” is a timeless fairy tale that speaks of a narrative of hope, transformation and the triumph of goodness over adversity. The story revolves around a kind and gentle young woman named Cinderella, who is tragically relegated to a life of hardships by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Her fortunes take an unexpected turn with the arrival of the royal invitation to the grand ball. Cinderella is miraculously turned into a vision of grace and beauty, complete with a dazzling gown and glass slippers. Cinderella enchants the Prince at the royal ball but must flee as the clock strikes midnight, leaving behind a single glass slipper. Despite obstacles, her destiny prevails as the slipper fits, leading to a triumphant reunion and her escape from an oppressive family.

Even though our Cinderella story resembles the original one in being about hope and transformation, our heroine is different. She is strong, fierce, works hard and believes in enjoying life. Mind you, she is also very smart and travels on a horse. She is dearly loved by her parents and relatives. She loves tending her garden and taking care of her horses. Now, here comes the point of coincidence (with the old Cinderella), our heroine does go to a royal party and meet the prince. But why? Did she wish to escape her home? Clearly, no. Did she wish to find something new? Well, possibly. What about the prince? Did Cinderella and the prince unite? Well, these are a few questions we would want you to find out. And for that, we urge you to quickly grab “Cinderella” from Offshoot Books. And we are sure, the story is going to amaze and amuse you with a refreshing twist to the old tale you might have known. 

Read about Offshoot Books’ “Twist in the Tale” series:

This series offers a new perspective on the beloved fairy tales we've all cherished. The surprising twists in these well-known stories will captivate both children and parents alike. Young readers won't just enjoy these tales; they'll comprehend them thoroughly, as the stories are crafted using vocabulary from the Cambridge list designed for Starters, Movers and Flyers.

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