The Candy Dragon on a Mission

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The Candy Dragon on a Mission

There are many legends and tales about dragons - mythical creatures that can be friendly, terrifying or wise and all-knowing. These larger-than-life beings captivate our imagination. Today's story is about one such dragon, but not like the ones you already know. Meet Candy, the Candy Dragon. And she ias on an extraordinary mission. Guess what that mission is about? Spreading smiles! 

Once upon a time, in the deep and dark woods, lived... Umm, no. That's not an interesting start for Candy's story. After all, Candy is widely loved and popular in the forest, surrounded by many friends. They all hang out with Candy because she has something special for them. Well, what Candy has is quite similar to her name. Are you still wondering what that could be? Okay, we know that was an easy guess. She has candies! Read on to get to know Candy better; mind you, she is an oddball and you can't help but like her.

Candy is a dragon with a difference. She joyfully leaps through meadows, nestles among trees and warmly greets animals. Instead of being old, lazy or sad, Candy is a burst of happiness, treating her friends to delectable candies.

Candy thrives on spreading happiness, making the forest glow with her infectious spirit. Candy lives in the company  of friends. She loves to hang around with friends, turning the woods into a haven of laughter and camaraderie. Despite being a mythical being, Candy takes great care to bring smiles to the faces of every creature she encounters, going above and beyond to ensure happiness flourishes in her magical realm. Through her benevolent actions, Candy transforms the woods into a sanctuary where joy becomes an essential part of nature's melody. But, Candy’s mission of spreading happiness does not just end with her friends. She wants to find out every creature of the woods, even the ones who live in the remotest of areas. She wishes to offer candies to one and all. After all, her mission can be a success only when there are smiles everywhere. 


In her spree of spreading joy, Candy, one day, finds out about someone in the forest who is eternally unhappy. On hearing further from her friends, she finds out that "that someone" is believed to be very angry. Candy decides that her mission of spreading joy needs to reach that someone. She must meet them, give them candies and finally make them smile. But who is that someone? Can Candy find them out? Will she be able to cross the berry good woods and meet them? And, most importantly, will her candies make them smile? They might even get angry at Candy. But, Candy is all set to go. To know what happened further in Candy's mission, you'll have to read the full story in "The Candy Dragon" by Offshoot Books.

Read the story and share it with your friends. We are sure the story will make you smile, just like Candy's candies did to the animals.

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