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Work And Fun-ship

At Offshoot, we love to bring about changes. We love to change our titles (we are forced to! Who buys old titles, jeez?), our seating arrangement, our work processes, our coffee mugs, our mason jars and also our hairstyle and the likes (for better or for worse, that's quite immaterial!) The other day, one of us turned up with electric blue hair colour! Whether the shock was electric or just visual, we are still trying to figure that out. But we sure shared a few chuckles amongst ourselves on how a bad-hair-day looks - and we remembered to include the new-hair-colour-colleague! Now, what's the point of a joke if it's not shared with the one it is being made on!

Talking about changes, we feel that changing a few things at our workplace can make it a funplace. Dull and boring is passé. Fun and exciting is what we say!


No to yes: 

And we don’t mean it for all those silly love proposals you keep getting from all and sundry! Let them know it’s a no! Change your no to a yes every time someone asks you to do something that you are either not sure of or you don’t want to do. Or maybe it’s time to rush back home and a colleague is stuck in a project and needs help. Or maybe someone asks you to do something you absolutely hate (like the other day, my boss asked me to do some calculations! Greek numerals I could see on the screen!). Or something you are really scared or unsure of! In saying no, there are quite a few opportunities we miss! Richard Branson says, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” Do we agree or do we agree?


2. Gossip to chat:

Think about it: does it really affect your life if one of your colleagues is sleeping with another (if they aren’t married to each other, that is!) or if a smart talented junior is quickly climbing the corporate ladder? To each his own—as long as we are getting enough sleep! We love to chat instead of gossip—movies, books, music… the list is unending! Not to forget that we love giving out the suspense of each and every thriller - be it a movie or a book. Oh! What divine pleasure (read cheap thrills!).



3. Arrogance to attitude:

Well, even arrogance is an attitude. But what we mean here is a positive attitude. One that brings about healthy competition and the ambition to achieve the impossible. Cliched, but we read somewhere that even the word impossible says “I-m-possible”. To walk around with an aura that everything is possible. And not only keep that feeling to yourself but spread it amongst your colleagues - competition or team. Rather, competition and team.



4. Blame game to ownership:

Mud slinging is a good time pass for those cute animals we see at the farm. They love to roll in it with others and that's how they roll! And that's where mud slinging is best suited. With smartly suited professionals (such as us), that's such a no-no! Imagine your expensive LV jacket getting dirty in mud! No no no! Keep away from it. For the sake of those gorgeous clothes, if nothing else! Keep mud at bay and take ownership (of bad as well as good) with elan!



5. Jealousy to inspiration:

Love the way someone talks? Or the way they dress? Or someone’s creativity? We all have those few people in our lives whose lives we want to live. And in a bid to do that, we end up filling our lives with jealousy for others (I'm sure all of us have wanted that awesome dress of a colleague to get that awful tear somewhere) and spite for self (I sound like a crow and look like a rhino and the likes). And that's so uncool! Get inspired and not jealous. Try to become like them but not them. Never them.


We have said enough and more (and we hope you didn't yawn more than thrice while reading this article), but we still want to reiterate that change is the only constant in life. And we follow it to a T (or should it be c? End of the article is also end of common sense and language sense!). Take your pick. We follow it to that.

And believe us, only change keeps us going - because the banknotes disappear within the first week of every month! Phew!



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