7 Things To Keep In Mind While Using Public Transportation

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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Using Public Transportation

You may live in different areas, be it a suburb or a metropolis, but you will have to opt for the public transportation at some point or the other. It is not only easily available but also saves you from burning a hole in your pocket. Many of us prefer traveling in public transportation but for the others, it wouldn't be less than a nightmare.

How, you ask?

Chatty commuters, people who seem more interested in what you're doing, those who turn the place into a mini jam session and the smelly groups. Relatable, right? If you've seen that (or done that) here's what you should keep in mind while using a public transport.

1. Use your headphone: When you are all alone and have to cover a long journey, you are bound to take refuge in your phone. And there's no better way than to listen to good music and immerse yourself in its awesomeness (throw a punch here and there, our rockstar!). But be careful! There are other less enthusiasts traveling with you, so you need to keep your enthusiasm under check. Do play loud music. Use your headphones if you want (that's their purpose).

2. Death without deodorants: Most of us use public transport to travel to and fro from work. After a day's hard work (*clears throat*), we are bound to be drenched in sweat. And given the fact that almost all of us leave for home at the same time, public transportation are generally packed by sweaty people. Though you shouldn't stick your nose in others' business, but when you're traveling in a packed public transport, you will definitely find your nose stuck in someone's sweaty armpit.

3. Take care of your belongings: Have you ever seen those people who enter public transportation with humongous bags, pushing (and pulling!) all those in their way? Or, even if they are carrying a mere handbag they ensure that they trouble you by constantly poking its edges on your body? If you are the one, here's a request (for the well-being of humanity: please take care of your belongings.

4. A penny for your etiquette: We often forget that while traveling in a public transport, we are in a public space where we have to co-exist with others. In such a situation, a little courtesy is what everyone seeks. One must learn to be polite and respectful. Use the three magic words (please, sorry and thank you) when required and don't trouble others.

5. Keep your volume low: Many fellow commuters have this (annoying, we won't mince our words here) habit of chatting loudly over the phone or even when they are talking amongst themselves. They tend to forget that by doing so they disrupt the peace of other passengers. So, if you are one of those, it's better to lower your volume and make others happy.

6. Control the kids: While everyone melts at the sight of babies and start pampering them – feeding and playing with them, the presence of unruly kids can give one a headache. They not only create havoc, but ill-mannered kids can also turn your journey into a nuisance. And if the parents choose to play foul and ignore their children, that's the kind of cherry you would not want on any cake. So, be the savior. Do not be a mute sufferer. Take action.

7. Don't dirty them: Another thing to keep in mind while using a public transport is to ensure its cleanliness. Agreed that there is the staff that ensures the same but as a citizen it becomes your duty to keep the public space clean. Do not litter. If you see others doing the same, put some sense into them.

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