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Things Not To Say To Your Child

We all love our children dearly and do every possible good thing that we can to make them happy. But at times in anger or to make them scared, we say few things that we should not, or we may regret later saying.

To get things in a right way from them, we tend to say things like “Let your father come home.” or “I will inform your teacher you did this”.

By saying this, we forget that our children are more sensitive than we could believe, and we need to provide them with a safe and conducive environment along with good upbringing. Let us have a look at the few things that you should not say to your child.

1. “Why can’t you be like your brother/sister”: This is one of the most common things that parents say to their child when he lacks certain skill or score lesser than their siblings. As parent, you need to understand that every child is different as an individual. Comparing them can only create a sense of insecurity among the children and will hurt them.

2. “You are just like your father/mother”: If you have an argument with your spouse, do not involve your child in it. Just because you are upset or angry, a little ignorant mistake of your child should not be counted as a bigger one. In such situations never tell your child she/he is like their mother/father. Also, never say bad things about your spouse in front of your child.

3.You are too young for these”: It is the tendency of a child that she/he will ask several questions about various things. If you deny answering them, they will somehow get their answers from other sources. In such cases, it is better to give them answers your way. Dismissing them may result in your authority being affected.

4. “Let me do this for you”: As a child, they may not be able to do many tasks themselves and may require your help. But this does not mean that you take the charge of entire work and ask them to do it on your own. This way you will only make your child dependent on you and limit his learning skills.

5. “We can’t afford it”: There are times when you child wishes and asks for things that you may not be able to buy now. Clearly denying her/his wish and telling them you could not afford it is not a right move. Let your child be a child and do not tell him things that should be handled by adults only. Instead of denying, you can tell you child we will save money for a better and a special thing.

6. “Wow, you are great”: Its good to always appreciate and applause your child for things that she/he do or achieve. But do not go overboard and tell her/him that they are great, and no one can be better than them. Motivate your child that she/he can do much better.

7. “Listen to adults”: It is good to tell children that they should listen to elders but not all adults. By every adult, it means they may be prone to strangers for whatever they will say them. Teach them that they have to listen to you as parents and understand them what you teach them.

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