5 Ways In Which Parents Can Teach Their Children To Take Care Of Each Other

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5 Ways In Which Parents Can Teach Their Children To Take Care Of Each Other

All of us wish for a small family of our own where happiness rules every day. But parents often face troubles when they find the harmony of the house being broken by their ever-quarreling kids. While at times it maybe a playful, harmless fight, in other instances, it can escalate to a great extent.

So, how can parents inculcate values and better understanding of the same in their children?

How can parents help their children take care of their siblings? Let's take a look. 

1. Start when they are small: The best time to start is when your kids are small. Let them stay together, see how they interact with each other, engage them in conversations involving related topics, play games with them, correct them when there are altercations, all to monitor how they interact with their siblings and teach them to respect and love each other.

2. Give them responsibilities: As parents, it is important to make your kids responsible human beings. Give them small tasks to perform and teach them the value of positive traits such as being responsible and taking initiative. You can also make your kids act as a team to complete a given task. This ensures that you not only make your child a responsible person but also prompt harmony among the siblings.

3. Love children equally: An important way in which parents can contribute to the betterment of relationship of the siblings is by treating their children equally. Do not differentiate between your kids. In case, a child needs more attention, take care of her/him but keep the other child involved in the process so that she/he does not feel left out. In addition, as the eldest one in the group has more responsibility, parents must ensure that their first-born must be made aware of her/his role without burdening them.

4. Pair them together: When you play games, you can try placing your children in the same team. Or, if you find any other opportunity, you can try the same technique. This will ensure that they work as a team to achieve their goals and in case any problem occurs, can solve them together without the parents' intervention. But make sure that you don't overdo it as children also need their space. Give them freedom to think and choose.

5. Avoid interrupting their conversations: Parents may not realize the value of time when their children are lost in their own world while talking to each other but it is a crucial point. It's the time when children let their feelings out, spill their secrets to their siblings who are like their friends, and think aloud. Parents need to value this time and let their kids be who they are and not interfere in their little discussions. Give your children their own 'sibling-time'. It will only strengthen their bond.


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