5 Reasons Why You Should Not Pamper Your Child Too Much

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Pamper Your Child Too Much

We love our children and love them so dearly that we can do anything and everything to make them happy. Nowadays, as parents generally have one or two children, their love and attention is showered on them immensely.

But at times, what parents fail to understand and differentiate is where and when to draw the line so that their love does not take a turn where their child is being pampered.

Adoring your child and pampering her/him is fine but you need to know when and where to stop. Here we tell you why it is important for your child to not be pampered.

1. Understand your limits: You go a mile ahead to bring the best possible thing for your child that is available in the market. Those expensive toys, branded clothes and what not! But you must draw the line and understand the extent to which you must fulfill the wishes of your child. Consider this. When your child grows old, will she/he be able to get or earn these privileges that you are providing them without a thought? Ultimately, you would want them to be independent, but for the sake of their future you will have to cut on these privileges from now on.

2. Teach them about responsibility and accountability: Introduce the concepts of responsibility and accountability to your child at a young age. It is only when they realize what the terms mean, can they value them. Make them responsible for their schoolwork and involve them in little household chores. Also, ensure that they maintain decorum at home, respect every living being and be nice to everyone. You don’t have to bribe them but make them understand that the privileges are offered only when one understands her/his responsibilities and fulfills the same.

3. Make sure your resources are helping your child grow: You can afford to spend any amount to make your child happy. But as a parent, you must know that the things on which you are spending are useful for your child’s growth and development. If you spend money on her/his education, on extracurricular activities or to pursue her/his hobbies, you must make sure that they are helping her/him learn and grow. On the contrary, if you spend lavishly on toys and entertainment only, that happiness will be short-lived. Hence, as parents, invest wisely.

4. Is your grateful for what she/he has?: Teach your children to respect and show gratitude for what they have. If you think that by fulfilling all their wishes, they will love you more or it is a mark of love and affection, you may be mistaken. In future, they will feel and think about things that you could not get them. Therefore, teach them to be thankful for what they have. Teach them that there are numerous children in the world who could not even have things that they have. Teach them the value of respect and sharing. To make your child understand the concept of gratitude, firstly, as a parent, you yourself should learn to be thankful to your own parents for what they have done for you. Children learn values from people around.

5. Teach them the concept of refusal: If you think your child makes an unwanted demand, refuse to give in and politely say 'no'. Explain why their demand is unjust and introduce a meaningful alternative that can be of help. Be firm in your resolve. Don’t hesitate to say 'no' fearing your child’s reactions. Do not shy away from refusing to give into your child's demands but know the right time and way to say ‘no’ to them.

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