5 Reasons Why Parents Need To Keep Their Calm In Front Of Their Kids

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5 Reasons Why Parents Need To Keep Their Calm In Front Of Their Kids

Being a parent is tough. You not only have to take care of yourself but also tend to the needs of your child. Adding to it,  a lot more responsibilities that are bestowed upon you by others. It really is a Herculean task to juggle various roles and responsibilities, so much so that you find little time for yourself. When all the stress and anger piles up and you can't take it any longer, it finds a way out in the form of an outburst. And, it's nothing less than a volcanic eruption! But what if you have kids around?

Let's take a look why you need to keep yourself in check when you are in the company of kids, and not let your anger scar the minds of the little kids.

1. Kids tend to learn from you: Kids are quite impressionable – they tend to pick up quickly and can be easily influenced. This is all the more reason why adults need to be careful around kids. You never know when the child, innocently gazing at you, may pick your bad habits, especially your violent outbursts that may appear to be minute when kids replicate it but can turn into uncontrollable tantrums if not addressed at the right time.

2. You tend to ignore the filters: When you are angry, you don't pay attention to anything around you. It is a moment when you simply vent out the frustration piling inside you. In almost all the cases, you tend to ignore the filters that sieve the words that may hurt the listener a bit more. When kids pick these words, they do not know their meaning and how it can hurt others; therefore, it becomes important for adults to keep a check on themselves when they are angry and never show their anger when kids are around.

3. You distort the harmony: As parents, you look forward to create an environment for your kids where peace, harmony and love help nurture the growth of the little ones. You wish to protect your child from the any negativity. But when you lose your calm and let anger reign over you, you act as an hindrance to the serenity of your household. Therefore, when you are angry, take a deep breath and solve matters like a mature person.

4. You meddle with the concept of good parenting: Let's admit that no one is perfect. Even as parent, you experience a lot of 'first times' but when you knowingly tend to do things that go against the idea of good parenting, you are being a not-so-great parent. You wish to see your child grow into a fine human being but when you yourself display rude behavior, your child will learn from you.

5. You affect your marital bliss: Life is a roller coaster ride. If you have a lot of happiness in it, a little rift will also make its way in. And, it is an important part of life. But the way you take your disagreements forward and not let them affect your marital bliss, is the key. And it becomes all the more important if you have a child involved as the way you deal with your spouse can also affect the child's psyche.

Remember, do not let yourself turn into an angster gangster.

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