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9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

They are colleagues, friends, and partners in mischief,

they share your smiles, they share your grief.

They are the ones with whom you spend your day,

let’s talk about them, if we may!

1. The Gossip Lovers

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

They are the ones who love to talk, talk and talk. You would find them in any office. The curious souls would be more interested in your personal lives than in your professional one.

2. The ‘I am always right’ People

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

Generally known as ‘narcissists’, they are always full of themselves. They cannot stop talking about their achievements, be it at meetings, during lunch hours, or during a tete a tete. They try their best to impose their opinions on everybody around.

3. The Negative Nanny

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

They love to be negative and bring out the worst in everything at work. They are so imbibed with negative feelings that even the coffee machine fears to deliver a cup of coffee to them. After all, such people have mastered the art of finding flaws in coffee beans too!

4. The Overtime Geeks

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

Do not mistake the title for those who sit for stretched hours in office for work. In fact, they are the ones who stick to their seats for longer duration in air-conditioned rooms to enjoy free internet and of course, relish the snacks offered by the organization.

5. The Idea Owners

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

They have numerous ideas and plans but they lack execution. When asked for one, multiple ideas pop up in their mind. After all, thinking, planning and discussing about their dream start-up is their favorite pastime.

6. The Complaint Box

9 Types Of People You Meet At WorkplaceThese colleagues of yours are the unhappy souls who find fault in everything around them. Their favorite job is to complain about things, procedures, policies, and everything in office. Name it and they will be ready with a complaint.

7. The Office Comedian

9 Types Of People You Meet At WorkplaceThey may be your favorite ones! They have jokes for every situation and you will always find them in a happy and chirpy mood. These fun-loving souls always make the work environment healthier and keep you happy at office.

8. The Coffee Addicts

9 Types Of People You Meet At Workplace

The favorite form of relaxation of this category of people is to have coffee and only coffee and more coffee. The coffee mugs at their desk occupy more space than anything else. If you are unable to locate them at their work station, you are sure to find them at the pantry.

9. The Angry Man

9 Types Of People You Meet At WorkplaceSporting a stern look, this category of people are always angry and that too for no reason. You will find them shouting for minor, small, big or large issues.


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