8 Things You Don’t Wish Your Colleagues To Do In 2022 - 23

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8 Things You Don’t Wish Your Colleagues To Do In 2022 - 23

It is that time of the season again. New year, new beginnings, new promises, new resolutions and new expectations. We all wish that the new year will bring us prosperity, health and a great job but we always forget to ask for great colleagues. *wink* Yes! We are right. We know how you get irritated with those annoying colleagues and always wish that they discontinue their bad or annoying habits.

So, considering your good health and off course your good times, we bring you some of the things that you surely do not want your colleagues to carry on in 2022 - 23. 

1. Personal grooming at desk: Always looking good at workplace is a great practice. But, keeping yourself up-to-date does not mean that you will begin your grooming session while sitting and relaxing on your desk. We all have such colleagues (female colleagues may be more in number in this case) who are either too lazy or are too much self-obsessed that they start their touch-ups on their desk. We know you get distracted with a colleague applying lipstick or with the fragrance of that strong perfume, when you are working hard to complete that report.

2. Not keeping common areas clean: If you do not like to sit next to that particular colleague during lunch or use the washroom after he/she has used, then you know which category of people we are talking about. You will always find few of your colleagues who really do not care about the mess that they create in the common areas. The lunch counters are always in a mess after they leave. You knew who they but could not tell them how much untidy or unhygienic they are at times.  

3. Using 'reply to all' feature: So, there are these who either do not read the entire mail or neglect the portions that are meant for them. Or probably not meant for them. They will blindly ‘reply to all’ without realizing it may not be required. So, just hope that your colleagues do not continue their practice of not using their attentiveness while dealing with their mail box.

4. Peeping into your computer screens: There are these who love to peep into your screen to see what you are doing, searching, reading or working on. Keeping aside their own tasks, they like to keep a track of your computer history or to peep into your phone to see whom you are talking to WhatsApp.

5. Acts as Supervisor: They are not your boss, may be not even closer to one, but will act like one. If they pop up questions such as “What time you came?” “What are you working on?” “When will you submit the report?”, they are the ones. They like to act smart and bossy and show their importance in the team or in the organization.

6. Being lunch thief: You cooked your favorite meal in the morning and was waiting for the lunch time to relish the delicacy. You offered your colleague to taste your cooking, but Ouch!!! He ate your entire food. The other case may be you are feeling too hungry and when you open your lunch, you find it empty. Someone has already stolen and eaten your lunch. There’s definitely one or more of your colleagues behind this. Just wish 2022 - 23 brings them some sensibility besides ruining your mood and stealing food.

7. Buttering the boss: They may not get along with the boss, but they leave no stone unturned to butter and impress him/her. They will always say a yes to everything the boss’ says or expects. His nodding to every just or unjust deadlines, decisions or opinions may trap and annoy you too. Hope he takes a resolution this year and take a stand for themselves and not blindly agrees to the boss, if required.

8. Interfering in personal lives: What you are doing over the weekend? Whom you are dating? Where you are going for vacation? You may love to share these details with colleagues who are like friends but obviously no with everybody around. Not sharing details about your personal life is completely your choice, but what to do with the colleagues who stalk you over social media to know everything about you or keep asking you personal questions that you may not be comfortable answering.

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