8 Methods That Appear To Be A 'Waste Of Time' At Work But Are Productive

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8 Methods That Appear To Be A 'Waste Of Time' At Work But Are Productive

When you walk into your workplace, you realize that you have one whole day (we get that it's just 8 hours but those hours are enough to remind us that it's going to be a long day) in front of you. With your inbox resembling a zoo; deadline sheets hanging, covering all your walls and nervous office mates looking at you with pity in their eyes, you know every day is a tough day.

The thought of quickly completing all the tasks and running back home to catch up with your friends or binge watch your favorite show and have some fun, offers some respite. But how can one walk away from the pile of work that you do not want to touch? Well, you have your ways to skip the tasks and 'waste' time, as others say, scrunching their nose and turning jealous as they walk past you. But it's you who knows that 'wasting' time is what you are definitely not doing.

If you want others to know the same, we bet you'll agree with the following points and tell the world how 'wasting' time is your way of being productive.

1. Busy Bees On Phone: You heard that right! When work starts piling up and tension starts to brew, you pick up your phone and call your best friend or a trusted colleague. In such situations, connecting with another human soul is important as it helps to restore sanity. While others diss you for lazing around as they work, you know that discussing your problems may not only bring in more ideas but also give a sneak peek into other's perspective. Who knows but your 'wicked' friends may offer interesting ideas to work in a smart manner (or, simply dump it on the next person you meet).

2. Social Media Addicts: People who are employed to take care of a firm's social media pages are often looked down upon, solely because they get to 'officially wile away on social media'. But unknown to others, it's a great place to invoke your senses. It is not only a handy source of keeping yourself updated with the happenings around the world but also a reference point to all the quirky and creative ideas needed to think out-of-the-box – much needed pre-requisites in a dynamic business setting. And there's no harm in using it to rejuvenate yourself. Play a heart-pounding Punjabi number and spread the good vibes.

3. Search For F(unny) Words: We got you there, didn't we? When work sends you in a frenzy of irritation and dizziness, it's time to bring out the humor in you. Put your internet to good use and ditch work for some time. Type the word 'funny' on your search engine and go bonkers with every search result. Look at funny cartoon clips, animal videos or hilarious pranks caught on tape. It's an extremely sadistic way to make others jealous and you'll definitely be a target of sharp gazes but enjoy the moment. It may appear that you're wasting your time but you know you're not. So, go have a good laugh!

4. Get Moving: For a change, stop being a lazy ass and get yourself moving. Literally. Stand up and go for a walk or walk up to your colleague for a quick chit-chat. A heavy dose of fresh air and change in your surroundings will help you see things in new light. You'll begin to appreciate your dull notice board (that is filled with 'important' or 'reminder' pages that have, till now, been neglected by all) and even your small cubicle (you'd have preferred a cardboard box with some bubble wrap than the square board setting you'll be confined to till eternity). While others may think that your five to ten minutes of break would have produced a sheet of report had you not wasted your time, you know what crap you'd have produced.

5. Fill Your Stomach: Don't pretend to be workoholic just to please your colleagues. We know nobody likes to miss their food. Whenever you feel hungry, grab a bite. An empty stomach is the source of hallucinations. Trust us! We keep on munching something or the other (even if it means stealing food or not concentrating on work) to keep our brain healthy and avoid a sheet of thick dust to settle on it. But, remember! Stop eating at your desk. Join others. Go out for a mini picnic. Discuss your issues. Get ideas from others. Laugh. Rejuvenate yourself and return to start with a freesh mind.

6. Set. Go. With Gaming: Games are a great way to enhance your mental abilities. It not only helps you find answers to difficult problems but also enhances your problem identification and analyzing abilities and increases your mental speed. But, wait! When we talk about gaming, we actually mean intelligent games and puzzles. Challenge a friend with a game of chess or try scrabbles. Solve Sudoku puzzles or try your hand at visual games. PS: Sending invites to friends for a duel on Candy Crush or boasting about which level you've reached on social media is, seriously, nothing to be proud of.

7. Induge In Your Hobby: Have you ever been caught doodling when you were supposed to be working? Or humming a melodious tune? Or trying some hip-hop moves? Don't worry if others tag you as a 'show off' or an 'idle person'. Do what you want. Take a break from the madness of the work and indulge in your hobby. It'll help you take your mind off your work and will help you relax.

8. Listen to some good music: Continous work requires you to relax in between and take breaks to rejuventae yourself. Music is your best friend in that case. Ignore and forget about those who thinks that how can you listen to music while working? You may get distracted? You may not give your best to the projects or the tasks. Let them think the way they want to be. They will never undertsand the energy and relaxation you get after listening to your favorite playlist. With that gained energy, you will able to finish your tasks with more zeal and in lesser time.

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