7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

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7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

In a professional setup such as the organization where you work, there are certain do's and don'ts, popularly known by its refined name - 'code of conduct', that require you to behave in a manner to ensure smooth, hiccup-free running of the organization.

Many organizations offer a friendly and relaxed environment where you have mind-boggling facilities and a chilled-out atmosphere. And who can forget a rather friendly boss who is more like a friend than a Hitler-like figure? But this is the tricky part.

How, you ask? Well, you can grab a bite with the boss, go for drinks after work and enjoy at office parties without being glared at by the 'warden with a ruler'. But, no matter how good your relationship is with your boss, there are certain things you cannot, correction, should not say to him/her. Such as?   

1. I'm not in the mood: Suffering from Monday blues and not at all in the mood to work? Or, there's an interesting match going on during your work hours, but you want to watch it live? You will have two options, so choose wisely. First, you could make yourself appear as if you are working* while you watch your game. Second, you could walk in to your boss' cabin, make yourself comfortable on a velvety chair/sofa and with a wave in the air, speak your mind, “Boss, I'm not in the mood to work today.” If you ask us, the second is not a good option. Therefore, opt for the first one. It'll work.

2. What about increasing my salary?: Picture yourself saying something on the lines of “Dude, I've been working here for a year now. What is the scene with the appraisals? I've really worked hard. I think I should get a good hike. Don't you think so?” Ah! Not quite right, eh? We agree with you. We won't deny that discussing appraisals is important (it's about your career, after all) but there is a way and time to discuss it. We would suggest you revisit your Moral Science lessons or etiquette classes you'd taken for better results.

3. Will I have to work till late?: There are times when work commitments requires you to stretch a little more than your usual working hours. It could be either to prepare that final report or to meet deadlines. But you should know that such periods last for a short time. Throwing questions at your boss such as “Will I have to work till late?” or making excuses to avoid doing work is something you should never bring up. Remember, it is part of your work and you should not complain. Unless, it's a matter that requires serious attention, of course.

4. Can I work from home?: “Boss, can I work from home? I would prefer that because, you see, coming to office is time consuming; you don't pay me enough so that I can have a luxurious life and spend on travelling (hope you understand the concept of inflation) and frankly, it is bothersome. I'll do the same work from home and it would save so much time.” If you're thinking of saying this truth out loud for the departmental heads to hear, you should be ready to pack your bags so that you can relax at home. Forever.

5. So, any juicy gossip?: Even though your boss is your friend or is friendly, it does not give you the liberty to cross your limits. In an organization where you are surrounded by interesting people who have amazing stories to tell, juicy gossip is bound to entice people. Let's get our facts correct. Every one is all ears for such news. But asking your boss for inside news on others or mocking others just because you're close is not the right thing to do.

6. That outfit doesn't suit you: If your boss decides to sport a yellow jacket and she / he looks like a canary, you don't say, “Dude, what were you thinking?” or if they come to office dressed as a member of a gang or a cult, you don't laugh behind their back. If they have a fish hanging around their neck (thank God it's not an albatross but a neck piece), you won't accuse them or murder. No matter what they decide to wear, you are to keep your lips zipped.

7. Where's the party tonight?: Office parties are meant for employees to enjoy themselves. They are held occasionally but barging in to your boss' office to remind them about it time and again as if you won't be able to regain your energy to work, is something we wouldn't recommend. Remember, your boss isn't your friend. If there's a party, you'll get to know about it.

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