7 Hilarious Things We All Do At Workplace But Confess To Never Doing

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7 Hilarious Things We All Do At Workplace But Confess To Never Doing

When we are young adults trying to decipher the meaning of life and wishing upon shooting stars to make it big, we carry varied dreams in our eyes. One day we want to become a storyteller and the next day an archaeologist. Whatever may be the case, we want to work hard at our work place and prove our mettle.

It is only when we grow up and start working that we become so busy that we wish to return to the days of innocence when we had a life of ourselves. But don't worry. All those office goers who think their lives stink, deep down you are aware of the fact that you're slacking off at work (it's time to won up, folks!).

Your claims to work hard for eight hours straight have been exposed. Let's look at the things all of us do (we mean, REALLY do when we we're not working). 

1. Daydream: Our palms cupping our face as we gaze distantly at a land where we can plant the seeds of our imagination and let them sprout, all the while grinning sheepishly. Thinking about work? What work?! Working at an organization (which seems monotonous to us) has offered us the opportunity to transform into a magician and sleep (and dream) with eyes open.

2. (Not) work diligently: No one can actively work for eight hours, we try to reason out and with this reason, we, while away doing everything but work. Our boxes of food out of our bags, tables cleared to accommodate more food and drinks, hiding from the gaze of the boss, we eat and chat, catching up on the latest happenings. When bored we take a (long) stroll, or indulge in online shopping, or play a round of mail-mail.

3. Hate Mondays (and the following weekdays): Nobody hates Mondays more than office workers who have to drag themselves out of their cozy beds to work for a long day. Yet when the boss is present we put every cell in our body to work and with a happy face declare, "What a happy day to start work!" all the while cussing everyone and everything we bump into. Never forget: happy Mondays are myths!

4. Gossip: "That person is such a brat! I asked him/her to do this but...." If you think you're just narrating how the events unfolded, you're not. Most of us swear by never gossiping as it's below us, but admit it, all of us want all the (juicy and spicy) stories. If not to use it for our benefit then just to know more. Who did what, how, when, where, our ever inquisitive selves will extract the information.

5. Break the rules: We strongly believe that rules are made to bring discipline in our lives but when they start to restrict us, or hamper our lives they are meant to be broken. And the first place to try this is at our workplace. We start small – reaching late for work, taking frequent (and long) breaks, call in sick when not in the mood, leave (way too) early. For us life is an adventure and we must strive to live it to the fullest!

6. Use our computers for everything apart from work: What do you do when a random thought strikes you? Look it up in a search engine. Oh, there's a sale. We should scroll through the website. Bored? Let's look at some memes or funny videos. In short, when on our work machine, we use it for everything other than work.

7. Get too comfortable in a lenient environment: In order to offer a harmonious and comfortable environment to the human resource to work in, many companies are lenient with their work policies. But we take them way too leniently. If our boss is nice to us, we're quick to jump at opportunities and forget that the person has a different post than us. If a colleague is helpful, we take undue advantage of it. Well, not always but at times, a little comfort is all our poor souls seek.

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