5 Ways To Deal With A Stern Boss

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5 Ways To Deal With A Stern Boss

A stern boss is a curse in disguise,

depends upon whom is your fall and rise.

They are there to make your life hell;

you have to face them even if you aren't well.

In order to save yourself, you don't have to be good at math;

be a good employee, if you don't want to encounter their wrath.

Dealing with a stern boss can't be explained in brief,

therefore, we've jotted down a few points so that you can heave a sigh of relief.

1. Curse in your head

5 Ways To Deal With A Stern BossYou can never escape the bombardment of insults and humiliation directed at you either privately or publicly by your boss. In such situations, neither grunting like a stuck pig nor clarifying your point can help you. Therefore, try cursing in your head. It will not only ensure peace of mind but will also add to your vocabulary.

2. Appear to be sincere in case you run into your boss

5 Ways To Deal With A Stern BossBe sincere in every work that you take up. In case it proves to be difficult, reawaken your dream of trying your luck in Hollywood and put your acting abilities to test. Nod during conversations, read the mood and then react (which translates into agreeing with the boss 99.99%) and avoid running into them as much as possible.

3. Avoid getting into trouble

5 Ways To Deal With A Stern BossWhen times are tough, try distracting your mind from the serious stuff. Let out your wild side, take the house down and break all rules. Well, not literally. Just avoid getting into trouble and if you happen to find a spot in the flock of black sheep, arrange for the traitors to get beaten (outside the office premise, of course).

4. Stay cool, calm and collected

5 Ways To Deal With A Stern Boss

Here's a trick: if your boss throws files at you, or rejects your leave applications or does not let you breathe during meetings, all you have to do is stay calm and composed. Projecting your frustration on the boss might land you in the soup and we bet, you'd want to protect your bread and butter. So, act wisely!

5. Compliments work well5 Ways To Deal With A Stern Boss

I am doubtful about the rate of success of this one (considering stern bosses are hard to impress) but there's no harm in giving it a shot. Be on the lookout for your boss and plaster compliments at regular intervals. The trick is to appear as if it's not a big deal and you sincerely meant it so, thought of mentioning it in passing. Trust us, this little trick works!

Disclaimer: This piece drew numerous side glances from our boss who decided to send us on a guilt trip for writing a piece that, in many ways, drew inspiration from real life incidents. Having finally gained a go-ahead after various discussions cum bribing sessions where we drew references from sources that claimed that a boss can never be nice, we present to you this helpful piece that will help to avoid turning into a maniac and survive in this harsh world. (P.S.- This article is not meant for our boss. Dear boss, if you are reading this, take this piece of writing as a product of your subordinate's creativity.) 

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