5 Things To Keep In Mind While Dating A Colleague

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Dating A Colleague

When you fall in love you ignore all advice,

everything appears sweet and nice.

Love at workplace holds a special charm,

but do watch out, or you might come to harm.

You need to be careful about your relationship,

so, here are a few tips that you must not skip.

(Psst: you'd not want to make things awkward,

our tips will help you put your best foot forward.)

1. Follow company rules:

Did you hear that right? Of course, you did. Most of us may be unaware of such a policy but there are organizations that discourage dating at the workplace. You can joke around and have fun, but can’t get into serious business, such as, love. If you work for such a firm, ensure that your love interests remains a secret with you. You'd not want to put your bread and butter at stake for a cup of coffee (even if a lot can happen over coffee!).

2. Make sure that the feelings are mutual:

If you are planning to date a colleague, learn in advance if the feelings are mutual. Sending wrong signals and making passes at people who do not share the same feelings might earn you a tag of being easily available. You would not want to deal with the repercussions that follow, starting with being friend-zoned, being gossiped about or in the worst case, being charged for harassment.

3. Abstain from PDA:

The Lover's Guide to Falling in Love describes PDA as Public Display of Affection and not Persoanl Digital Assistant. Once everything falls into place and you seal the deal, it is natural for you to bask in the glory of your newly-found love (hope you've got yourself into something serious or you might land up in a puddle if you're just flirting around).  But do remember, office hours aren't 'happy hours' where you could cuddle up to your partner. Keep your behavior (and more importantly, your emotions) in check; especially if you are not ready to let the cat out of the bag.

4. Strike a work-life balance:

Dating a colleague comes with its pros and cons. You never have to complain about not seeing each other every day. You can have a lot of mini-meal dates, untouched by time or work pressure. You will understand each other's work schedule and try to 'fit in'. At the same time, is there's a difference of opinion or a rift between you and your beloved at workplace, you shouldn't let that difference hamper your work. Therefore, it is advisable never to mix up your personal life and professional life.

5. Fight it out right:

In case, things do not go as planned and you end up having a fight with your partner, do not turn it into an office spectacle. Lashing out at each other like a pair of wild cats or transforming into ninjas to hurt each other's ego, is not something we'll recommend (though, we are all game for action sequences). If you have to fight, fight it right — as mature people do. If you want to call it quits, respect and maintain the dignity of your presen...ex, at least as a colleague.

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