7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Addicted To Your Phone

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Addicted To Your Phone

In today's world, having a phone is not a luxury but a necessity. With exceptional features that ensure connectivity everywhere every time (with some exceptions that can leave us irritated), it is one device that you'll always keep close to your heart. Work can be done within minutes and searches take seconds; whatever information you need is just a click away.

But it has its cons too. Time and again warriors promoting the need to detox have listed the harm phone addiction can cause but we tend to ignore them because we think we know ourselves better.

But hold on! It may seem as if you are doing fine, peeking at the screen of your phone only to avoid missing out on the latest gossip (or important information, as you would rather say), you are unconsciously falling into the trap.

Don't believe us? Look out for these 7 signs.

1. The first thing you do in the morning is to check your phone: Was it to check the time and not your messages? Or to switch off the alarm? Well, it's time to stop giving excuses. If you spend sleepless nights because you can't get the best of your phone, always being glued to it, you, my friend, are addicted.

2. You get irritated when asked to perform other activities: A rendezvous with your phone with no one in sight to disturb you and then you are asked to carry out a chore. What's your first reaction? You keep your phone aside and get to work? Or you get irritated? If the second describes your case, it's time to reconsider your stance at not being addicted to your gadget.

3. You'll never forget your phone: When you start from a place, you make a checklist lest you forget an important thing behind. And your phone tops the list of must-carry items. After all, what would you do when you are bored? (We understand your plight.) You may say that it's for connectivity with your dear ones but how would you justify carrying your phones to the washrooms? What kind of connectivity are you looking there?

4. When you're free, pop comes out your phone: Another sign of being addicted to your phone is that you will never find yourself free. Nah! It's not the time to blame your bosses for making you work overtime, or your family and friends for additional chores. Just that the moment you are free (even if it's for a few minutes), pop comes out your phone and you find yourself glued to it and resisting to put it away when work requires you to return to reality.

5. You always carry a phone charger: Imagine being in a crowded room, surrounded by friends (or at least acquaintances) and suddenly your phone runs low on battery. If this is enough to give you nightmares and you would rather want that we shut our mouths (and imagination) and dare utter these words, welcome to the group. To avoid such situations, you carry a phone charger or power bank with you and are always prepared for the worst (network issues and no Wi-Fi are problems you're in the process of dealing with).

6. Your phone is your world: Feel the need to talk to your friends and family? Click the right buttons and hit the 'call' option. Wish to search anything? It's just a click away. Want to think about the stars and unicorns? Search engines to your help, captain!

7. You can hear your phone beep even when you are asleep: Just when you have cosily tucked yourself between the warm sheets 'beep' goes your phone. A message? A notification? What could it be at this hour? You find yourself torn between the desire to check your phone or to ignore it (the latter hardly works). And there goes your hard work to stay away from it.

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