7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Pet Person

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Pet Person

They are adorable and playful. They make your day with their cuteness and goofy antics. They're there for you all the time. And, they accept you for who you are (well, some of them). No, we're not talking about family and friends (have you ever seen them being sugary nice to us?) They are our lovely pets. If you are one who is surrounded by dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other animals (and not to forget their hair, muddy paw prints, and what not!), you'll relate to the following. Read on!

  1. Your day begins and ends with your pets: With the break of dawn your pets hop on to your bed and start their morning ritual of waking you up with soft nudges and tons of licks. They act as your morning alarm and are, in fact, best at their job. With your pets around there's never a dull moment. You wake up happy to a happy day. Same is the case when you lie tired on your bed at night. You'll be cuddled to sleep by your pets. Isn't it the best feeling ever?
  2. They're everywhere: Yes, they're omnipresent. Even if they are in a room soundly sleeping or eating or staring at trees counting the leaves on it, you'll never miss them. How, you ask? Because of their hair and smell! You'll find their hair on everything, and their smell will linger on even after repeated washes. And if you thought it's the case with your home, think again. No matter how far you go, your pets will always leave a precious memory in your belongings.
  3. They're the only members of your family who like you: No, don't get us wrong. Your family and dear ones love you and think about your well-being but your pets are the only beings that will stay with you and accept you for who you are *cough*. When you're screaming as you're happy, they'll be next to you (and stare at your weirdness). When you are a mess, they'll console you (as they know you're a weird mess who always ends up in trouble). Let's own up, our pets deserve much love and respect.
  4. Additional responsibility but we're not complaining: You know when pets become a part of the family, it means additional responsibility. And when you've begged your parents to get a pet, they become YOUR responsibility. They're someone who need unconditional love, support and care. You have to wake up with them, take them on a stroll, feed them, maintain their level of activeness and be good to them even when you're not in the mood. But, hey, who's complaining? Not the pet lovers, we guess.
  5. You return home to be attacked by pets: It's difficult to part with pets, even when it is for a brief moment. You want to take them everywhere with you (if you had your way, you'd hide them in your pocket and go on an adventure with them). But that's not possible. With a heavy heart you leave from home and eagerly wait to return to your cosy place. And when you do, you're in for a surprise as your pets are waiting to jump on you and pin you down for more love.
  6. You've been a witness to your changing personality: Well, pets have that effect on you. You can never be in a foul mood or be cranky when you're with your pets. They'll make your day with their goofy tales or simply with their presence. We're sure you must have noted the change in yourself.
  7. Caught in numerous fights with non-pet lovers: Because of your love for pets, you have found yourself in situations where you had to fight with others. You've been chided for not taking responsibility of the mess created by your pets, and in general for any random matter. And, as it involves your pets, you refuse to back down. Fighting!

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