7 Things To Do When You Turn Into An Angster Gangster

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7 Things To Do When You Turn Into An Angster Gangster

Life is a roller coaster ride. There are a lot of highs and an equal number of lows but this is not the reason to 'down' another bottle of whiskey.

There are times when we may find ourselves stuck neck deep in some random mess and this may mean that the powerful Hulk hidden deep inside us jumps out, but this is the crucial time that requires our presence of mind. Instead of turning into a gangster on a rampage, here are 7 things you can try.

1. Speak your mind. Politely.: If you are bothered by anything, the best way is to speak your mind. If it's a conversation you had with someone, let them know how you feel. Even if it makes you angry, it is better to express your thoughts than to keep them to yourself and feed the negativity. If not for yourself, for world peace. We wouldn't want you to turn into your favorite unstoppable super'hero' who'd do the exact opposite of what they are expected to do. Oh! We forgot to mention that you must be polite. Sharing your thoughts while screaming and thrashing the listener is not what we promote.

2. Drink water: Yes, you got that right. Drink lots of water. It has scientific explanation to it but our explanation is more reasonable. To us, at least. When you drink water (it should be more than a bottle) your bladder helps you to shift your focus from anger to an urgent desire to pee. The more you drink, the more you want to use the washroom. As a result, the thought that made you angry and your strong desire to throw some powerful punches at your competitor take a backseat.

3. Count till one hundred: Just like counting the number of sheep puts you to sleep (we understand, it's such a tiring task that we prefer sleeping to wasting our time counting other's sheep) counting till one hundred can put you at ease. Or rather confuse your brain (because you will tend to forget the counting) so that it will take your mind off what angered you. You should trust us because we trust your ability to goof up.

4. Fight: If you are angry, fight it out. Don't suffer on your own. We remember we don't promote violence, but a little drama is loved by all. Take out your frustration if you are upset about something. Just be careful not to inflict major harm that can land the other person in hospital and you behind the bars. Also, make sure that the person you're up against is a close friend who understands you and is used to getting into ugly fights with you, and not some stranger who is double your size. In that case, you'd be the one in the hospital.

5. Play a game of dart: This is a great way to channelize your negative energy into meaningful activity and relax. We know finding a ray of sunshine in the dark is like finding a needle in a haystack but remember, it's not difficult at all. All you need is will-power and determination. So, think about your goal – your opponent's picture in the middle of the dartboard and aim for the best. Hit the bull's eye! Show them who's the boss!

6. Break your prized possession: No, we're not kidding. Pick your favorite piece of decorative item or any other prized possession and let it go from your hand to touch the hard surface of the ground. Witness it shattering into uncountable small piece. Now that you've lost your favorite piece, you will be able to concentrate on it rather than feed your anger. In fact, the feeling of anger will be replaced by the feeling of guilt and regret. This technique works best if the thing you choose to break is something your mother adores. In that case, the feeling of fear will be more prevalent.

7. Form a 'I hate you' club: The best way to fight anger is to join hands with others who are angry with the same person and passively vent out your anger. In this club you can form an online group, gossip and discuss ways to avoid (not get back aggressively, mind you) the person in question. Make memes, share jokes and let others know how dumb you are, oops! how you much you've suffered.


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