7 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

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7 Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Life isn’t easy. While there are a lot of highs and an equal number of lows, at times, monotony can seep in. Even when you think you’re fine and everything appears to go as planned, you may want to stop, take a deep breath and scream. This is the time when you feel directionless and start to question everything. So, what should one do when they are simply done with everything around? Let’s explore some ways.

  1. Calm down, will you?: The first step to successfully take the bull by the horns is by controlling your mind and body. That is, rather than banging your head around without a thought, gather yourself. Panicking over a sudden realization or thought will not help you in any way. So, just calm down!
  2. Scream. Repeat: If you don’t know what to do and all you can think of is to vent the pent-up frustration by screaming your lungs out, go ahead. All that works best for you is your solution. Scream till you can’t think of it more, and then back to living a new life.
  3. Reassess with a calm mind: Once you’ve experienced the meltdown, it is time to reassess your life decisions. Remember that the feeling of being lost may stem from various reasons. It is important to sit down, keep a cool mind and analyze your thoughts and plans. Find out the root cause of your 'problem' and then work on it.
  4. Find joy in little things: There are various reasons why you may feel that your life has come to a standstill. In order to make your life interesting, give a shot to the things you were always afraid to try. At the same time, start appreciating little joys that life offers.
  5. Take a break/rejuvenate your mind (pick one): They say life is an adventure. Bring this thought to life and rejuvenate your mind. Take a break, go on a holiday, spend quality time with friends and family. Just do things that take your mind off random thoughts that weigh you down.
  6. Start afresh, if you must: After careful analysis, if you reach to the conclusion that the path you've followed till now is not what you'd planned initially and that you're not really happy with how life has been shaped, you can always think of carving a new route for yourself. Remember it's never too late.
  7. Seek help: Seeking help from mentors or professionals is another way how you can look and plan your life for future. It helps because when you start to say your thoughts out loud and share them with others you start to analyze on your own. This not only offers you a new perspective of thought but also provide solutions on your own and from the speaker.

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