7 New Year Resolutions You Should Not Take This New Year

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7 New Year Resolutions You Should Not Take This New Year

With New Year comes new hopes, new aspirations and new resolutions. Every year you make plans, think strategically and take resolutions. But all your efforts go in vain as time passes.

It's at the end of the year that you realize you have not kept your promise and you will be taking the same resolution for another year! So, this new year, be creative, be smart and be sure of things that you really feel you can stick to and make resolutions that you can actually achieve.

From your long list of failed commitments, we bring you some that you always fail to do and also those which you should not take this new year.

1. To lose weight: “I will go to the gym regularly”, “I will stick to my diet plan”, “I will stay fit throughout the year”, these are the most common resolutions that you take on regular basis including on new year's day. And, it is also one of the most common resolutions that is never achieved. Don't take the resolution to lose weight as we are sure that you will not be able to control your craving for food. Moreover, when you treat every day as a cheat day and can not stick to salads during parties, this resolution is surely not meant for you. Instead focus on a healthy lifestyle. It'll help!

2. To not remain single: When you are prohibited entry in a new year's party because 'stag's are not allowed', you decide then and there that you will not remain single this year and will join the party with your partner next time. But hold on! It's good to dream about your ideal person but don't be too confident about your abilities. Now, we don't mean to doubt your ability but just want you to be careful. Remaining single or committed could (or could not) be in your hands. Therefore, think twice before you take this resolution.

3. To change your job: If a career move and a better opportunity is all you seek and plan to take forward in new year then first consider whether you'll be able to do that or not. The comfort of your current job, the appraisal and the bonus that is lined up or your laziness to appear for more interviews can be some of the obstacles that will hinder your decision of moving ahead.

4. To save money: The spendthrift nature that you have will come to an end this year as you will end up saving a lot. Is that what you're planning to achieve this year? Are you sure? The plan to save money and not indulge in shopping, eating out, traveling, could only be a dream. Don't make such resolutions when you know it will be hard to practice. If you really want to make this possible, then start saving from the beginning and then spend wisely.

5. To travel more: When you can not save enough, how can you spend enough on travel? Who does not want to travel places and see the whole world? But to fulfill you dream of becoming an avid traveler you have to achieve the fourth point that we have discussed i.e., to save a lot. So, don't make resolutions of traveling to places unless you are able to afford it without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. To quit smoking/drinking: We know you care for your health, but still you cannot stay away from smoking or drinking. On top of it, you make false resolutions to yourself that you will take good care of your health and will discontinue consuming them. Therefore, think, decide and only make those resolutions that you can commit to. Even otherwise, when it comes to drinking and smoking it is advisable to quit these bad habits.

7. To be more organized: Feeling positive, staying stress free and and being organized are some of the plans that we all make. But, not all things go as planned. Even if you take a resolution that you will have a positive outlook towards life from now on, circumstance may not let it happen. To make it possible, you will have to be very strong mentally and emotionally. If you think that you can change yourself to this extent then only go ahead with the idea of taking up this resolution. Otherwise, just go with the flow.

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