Is Social Media A Boon Or A Bane?

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Is Social Media A Boon Or A Bane?

It would not be wrong to say that social media is life for people these days. People drink, eat and breathe social media these days. Technological advancement and the availability of internet at fingertips have made social media a medium for the masses to express and share their thoughts and other information. Although social media is a platform meant for the same, and in addition, stay in touch with your family and friends, but it has also made our personal and private life public. Although social media is very useful, it has its own set of cons. Let us see how social media is a boon and a bane.

The Positives

Improves knowledge: Social media is a great platform to improve knowledge. With updates on recent and current news or providing useful and interesting information in the form of videos and content, social media is a knowledge platform for all age groups.

Share opinions: Want to tell the world about your views, opinions and perceptions about a recent event or any current news? Then social media is the right platform to do so. It is one of the right mediums to express yourself.

Connect with the right people: Networking helps you in your business, profession and personal front. Even otherwise, networking helps you expand your circle as you connect with like-minded people and have conversations with various groups.

Expand your business: For businesses these days, social media is a boon and a place to market your products and expand your business. Digital and social media marketing are easier and cheaper ways to expand your business.

Reach maximum people: Social media is helpful and useful when you want to reach maximum people. Be it for professional networking or expansion of your business, it is a great way to reach more people.


The Negatives

Lack of privacy: You have a right to privacy but in today's world, you cannot be sure whether your information is kept safe or not. Even when you want your information to be shared with selected few, no digital platform guarantees privacy.

Leads to addiction: Social media may be a platform that is useful but excessive exposure can lead to addiction. This can create a situation wherein you cannot live without your gadgets.

Dealing with trolls: You may feel positive and confident about what you say and post on your social media profile but there are people who are always present to demotivate you with their comments and thoughts. Trolling can be discouraging and at times turn demeaning.

Platform to show off: Social media can't be called a reliable platform to showcase the truth. The platforms are used more for pomp and show of common things that you carry out in your routine life.

Question credibility: Although social media is a great source of providing knowledge, but the credibility of the information available is always questionable. You can never be sure of the source and authenticity of the data, information or news offered on these platforms.


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