8 White Lies We Tell All The Time

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8 White Lies We Tell All The Time

Life is fun! We mean, there are so many awe-inspiring moments, adventurous escapades and also, an equal number of lousy laments. But what is life if it does not give you lemons? It is during these times that we want to add a spoonful of sugar and stir the solution well to beat the heat. We add (and this is what we must do) this sweetness so that it engulfs us with happiness, which we also wish to share with those around us. But what if you or your not-so-good habits prove to be a hindrance? You have white lies to escape from the misery. They are ingrained in you to an extent that you do not give a thought before blabbering them to avoid a tricky situation. No? We bet you do use these 8 white lies quite often.

  1. I'll be there in five minutes.”: Don't you dare say that this is a lie. All of us have said this. Every day! There's no denying that. In case you're running late, the refrain “Where are you?” has a simple answer thought out years ago by brave men who feared not the challenges they would face - “I'm on my way”. We too have used this when we've been late for work or meetings (intentionally, most of the time). We've presented excuses ranging from plain simple to extremely weird to escape from being strangled by our seniors for being late.
  2. LOL”: This expression often used to denote that you genuinely find the words said by the speaker hilarious enough to laugh out loud, has been overused to an extent that we sincerely want them to be erased from history. Yes, we're being harsh, but this acronym needs to give way to some better words.
  3. I understand what you're trying to say”: The irony of the statement! We use this phrase to console others, trying to share their burden but in our hearts, we know that most of the time we are oblivious to what's happening. Our friends shedding tears over a failed exam or a terrible breakup, our answer remains, “I understand your situation.” People saying how angry they are over others behaving rudely, “we understand”.
  4. Sorry, I am busy”: We may be lying on our couch, munching a slice of pizza and sipping our drink but if we are asked to work, we suddenly find ourselves busy. We may be gossiping at work but when a colleague decided to hand us more work, that gossip session turns into a discussion session.
  5. I'm fine”: You hurt your pinky toe and even when tears fill your eyes, you have to say that you're fine. You get humiliated at work but you have to put on a brave face. Because you're fine! At times, you wish you could let the world know how you feel but then think that being 'fine' would be the best option.
  6. I called you but you were unreachable”: Imagine a situation where you get a call from someone you dislike and you intentionally miss their call. Even if they call you a couple of times, you refuse to answer their call. Yeah, been there, done that, right? But we have a solution when being confronted and it's as simple as “I tried calling you, but your phone was switched off or unreachable.”
  7. I have read the terms and conditions”: This is one lie that is as white as snow. Many websites and offers request us to read all the terms and conditions before going forward but we are so lazy that we choose to skip the entire process (which is understandable, isn't it?). After all who wants to read stuff that mostly makes no sense to a layman?
  8. You look great”: Friends bugging you with options that require your assistance and expert comments? At the same time you don't want them to test your patience or in some cases, you don't want to hurt them? The most appropriate answer to the situation remains, “You look fine”. This answer (read white lie) helps you get out of all tricky situations without making you look bad (had you spoken your mind).

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