7 Worst Things That Can Happen On A First Date

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7 Worst Things That Can Happen On A First Date

First dates are dreamy and exciting. On the one hand, you are anxious, while on the other hand you feel butterflies in your stomach. You get goosebumps not only by this enchanting feeling alone, but also by the thought of the experience that you will have on your first date. While everything seems rosy, there is another side of this coin where there are moments that can make you believe that you should have shown a little (if not more) disbelief in the concept of first date. So, when you are heading for your first date, be prepared for some of the unexpected or the worst things that can happen to you – where you can end up in a soup (literally, if you aren't paying attention).

  1. Talking about e'x'es. Wh'y'?: When you are on a date with a new person, it is advisable not to think, talk or discuss about your past, past affairs and past love. All these terms are preceded by the word 'past' because of a particular reason, so let it remain where it belongs – in the past. When your date keeps mentioning their exes and indulges in long sob stories describing their dramatic break-up, it’s time to rethink. Discussion about the exes is the biggest spoiler on the first date. If your date starts talking about them, it is the right time to change the topic. If they do not get the hint, it is time for you to get the hint that they haven't been able to get over their past life.
  2. Busy bees on cellphones: They came, they spent time on their phone and they left. This could be one of the many common cases when your date spends most of the time giggling or cursing over phone – either while chatting with others, whiling away their time on social media or attending 'important' calls. Having interest in the phone than on the date is a clear indication that either you are such a bore or they were there for free dinner. When the date is busy on their phone, it is advisable not be the third wheel and leave your date to spend some quality time with the gadget of their life.
  3. Tale of a tag-along: When the date is accompanied by a friend, there are chances that the two friends will spend more time together than your date with you. A friend tagging along shows that either they don’t trust you or are playing safe in advance so that they aren't bored to death (you should definitely do a double check to make sure that you aren't at fault, mate). With a third person along, two of you will barely get time to talk alone. In addition, the third person's presence can create awkward moments for you.
  4. Waltz with the waitress/waiter: Want to draw conclusion about the kind of person you are dating? Simple. Observe her/him. See how they behave with others, particularly, how they treat the staff at the restaurant. If they behave rudely, it is time for you to be a lady/gentleman, smack your date on the head and give them a piece of your mind. And in case, they flirt with the waitress/waiter, smack them so hard that they remember and then give them a piece of your mind.
  5. A curious case of mismatched profile: A strange yet usual thing that can happen on a first date is that your date may not look like the one you'd expected to arrive. If you'd started building castles in the air based on their profile pictures, here's a warning: there's a probability that your date may appear to be entirely different than what you had imagined. Drawing conclusion about the personality of your date solely on the basis of their social media profile pictures may result in disappointment for you.
  6. Wait for some stranger things: When you manage to find a 'normal' date on dating websites or applications, do not give them a clear status easily. Meet them and more importantly, let them open their mouth. In most of the cases, as soon as they do so, you will be left disappointed. Their strange behavior may make you rethink about their nature and habits. In some odd cases, they may say something that you may (surprisingly) find really silly or stupid, but they'll exaggerate it as if they've shared the best joke or the funniest information. Now, that does not sound cool. Does it?
  7. The game called ‘I Love You’: The most awkward thing that can happen on a first date is when the date says those (supposedly) magical words, ‘I Love You’. Sure, you would love to hear these words from the love of your life, but on the very first date? Really? It's a big turn off. How can one fall in love with someone on the very first meeting?! Let's be honest, when we plan our first date, we are not trying to create a ‘love-at-first-sight’ scenario. Remember, good things do take time. Be practical and accept that the ‘I Love You’ on the very first date is not genuine.

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