7 Unusual Words That Actually Exist

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7 Unusual Words That Actually Exist

Have you tried to master a language? It's okay if it's not a new language. What about understanding the one that you already know? The words when woven together to fall into perfect place creating a posey which can leave anyone mesmerised. But wait!What is that word that we see? Ker-kerfuffle? And another one called 'lollygag'? What in the world do they mean? Now, English is not a difficult language (it can be at times, agreed) but when you throw words like these, they are sure to make us scream for help.

Want your mind to be boggled? Then read on!

  1. Kerfuffle: The word ‘Kerfuffle’ means to make a commotion or a fuss that is caused due to disagreement and conflict. The word is believed to be first used during the 16th century and was probably taken from the Scottish English language. So, when you have a disagreement with your partner or friend and both of you make a fuss, you know that you can describe it as 'kerfuffle'.
  2. Hullaballoo: ‘Hullaballoo’ is a fuss or loud noise created by people when they are either angry or excited about something. The word has been used since 18th century and might have come from hallo, and a Scottish word, balloo. You know your kids make a hullaballoo when you bring them new toys.
  3. Xertz: The origin of the word 'xertz' is not known. However, it is used in the context of gulping your food or drink quickly and, not to forget, quite greedily. The best example to explain and use this word is when a person who comes indoors after beating the summer heat gulps a glass of juice or water with haste. Or, when you hungrily gobble the last slice of pizza.
  4. Whippersnapper: 'Whippersnapper' is a word which is being used since the 17th century. The word can be used in two different contexts. One, it refers to a person who is very lazy and has no ambitions. The other context is used to denote young people who live on the streets and are indulged in wrong practices. However, the usage and meaning of the word changed over time. Now, it is used for a person who is very confident, or for a child who keep questioning.
  5. Flummox: 'Flummox' is word used to mean 'to confuse'. The origin of the word is not known exactly, but it is believed to be used first time in Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers in 1837. But, by the end of the 19th century, the word became popular in both British and American English.
  6. Agastopia: The meaning of 'Agastopia' is quite an interesting one. It means love or admiration of a particular part of someone's body. In such cases, people prefer to like a particular part either to do a task with it or they prefer to cover and shield it with a protective layer. It is believed to be a rare condition.
  7. Lollygag: When you sit idle for hours doing nothing, lazing around and wasting time, and your parents scold you for this, tell them you are lollygagging. The word 'lollygag' is to waste time and do nothing. The origin of the word is not known; however, it is believed to be in use since 1800's.

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