7 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Sarcastic Person

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Sarcastic Person

They wake up in the morning ready to take over the world with their wit and a pinch of sarcasm (that most do not get). They derive pleasure by poking fun at others and 'spoiling the mood'. They don't care about what others have to say. After all, they are the masters of the world. "Proud snobs" who are always at the receiving end of their victim's displeasure, they are better known in the circle as the people who love sarcasm. But, wait! If you thought all this was correct, you are only listening to one part of the story. Let's get a sneak peek into the minds of the sarcastic people.     

  1. Your comebacks are hilarious: You don't make your presence felt in a gregarious manner but unintentionally become the center of attraction when you open your mouth to speak your mind at a given moment. Your answers are short and to-the-point but are perfect comebacks for anyone trying to hog the limelight, or others in general. This earns you appreciation, and thunderous round of applause and laughter. Guess, not all hate you.
  2. You don't beat around the bush: You speak not to flatter anyone but to say your thoughts out loud. As your words haven't undergone the process of being filtered to fit the category of flowery language, it often comes across as harsh. Add to it the tone of sarcasm and it turns into a wonderful combination that can leave the receiver embarrassed.
  3. You're often misunderstood: It's not that you always mean to embarrass or demean others. It's just that sarcasm is so ingrained in you that every word that leaves your mouth appears to be a piece of sarcasm. As a result, people often find you rude and give you quizzical looks questioning your intention.
  4. Your sarcasm may pop up at the wrong time: With sarcasm by your side, you often find yourself in trouble as you let your thoughts pour even when you know you should keep shut. You try your best to give your best in difficult situations but at times, let yourself go with the flow. But you are not to be blamed, it's the people who provoke you.
  5. You don't admit you're in the wrong: You don't admit you're in the wrong because you're rarely in the wrong. Yes, that's true! In fact, most of the time you do what the majority of the gathering has in mind (when dealing with a snob). You just take the blame on yourself (such a sweet soul). And once in a blue moon when you admit to being in the wrong and realize you've spoken at the wrong time, you try to nullify the impact with a fake "Ha! Ha! I'm joking" (which no one believes to be true).
  6. People can't make out if you're joking: At times when you are in a good mood and plan to joke, your sarcastic side takes control and you continue your streak of disasters without even realizing. There are times when your family and close friends (who are used to you being you) find it difficult to conclude whether are joking or being truly honest (and sometimes harsh).
  7. Y You rarely get offended: Since you speak the language of sarcasm, you also expect replies in the same tone. As a result you don't get offended easily as you fail to differentiate the tone of the speaker (your brain can't process it) and you think it to be normal. During those rare scenarios when you are hurt, you get back at the other person with a response more powerful.

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