7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Always Late

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Always Late

'Time waits for no one' but you don't give a thought to the quote. While the world runs according to the clock, for you, no such concept of time exists. No, we're not being harsh. We're just stating the fact that you are always late. We know you've been chided time and again (oops! We did not want to bring up the term that you detest the most) for this habit but you'll have to bear with us today as this blog is dedicated to you. You don't have to gulp hard or start stressing about it. We'll be nice to you and talk about how hard life is for you (and also for those around you who have to suffer because of you). Here we go! 

  1. You make it a point to chalk out a plan to reach on time: With a pen and paper in hand, you are always ready with all the Ws of a meeting. You keep a tab on the time it would take you to reach a place and how you should stick to the plan to make it a success. This diary / note that holds all the top-secret plans is so important to you that you hold it close to your heart. Without it, you would be a lost kitten apologizing for arriving late to every meeting.
  2. No matter how well you plan, you will be late: Continuing the point elaborated above, no matter how well you plan or try to stick to it, you will be forced to live up to the expectations . . . of being a latecomer (yup! You can't escape from that tag). You'll get stuck in an impenetrable traffic jam or you will lose your way. Your watch will leave you midway, struggling to tell what time it is, or you will get the date and place wrong. No matter what, the universe ensures that you are never on time.
  3. Others are not even surprised anymore: Everyone around is so used to seeing you arrive late that no one is surprised when you fulfill their 'prediction'. They know how long you will take to arrive, when you will start from your place and all the possible excuses you can come up with to avoid being scolded harshly. If you are the person for whom the party is thrown, they ensure that the invites to guests read 'Though the party starts at 8, feel free to join us at 10. That's when the concerned person will join us'.
  4. You have a list of excuses to get you out of situations: You spend your weekends thinking of all possible (many that reach 'near truth' category) excuses that you can try when you are running late (that's every day). If you happen to hear an interesting excuse, you quickly jot it down in your little diary and if it's not, you still write it down to tweak it a little to fit in (no, your doggy at your homework is passe; write 'abducted by aliens' because that's more realistic).
  5. You have landed yourself in trouble: Be it important meetings, interviews or family functions, you always find yourself scolding yourself for not having started from home earlier. Your late entry will definitely invite unwanted accusing gazes and murmurs, but you can't help it because you let yourself be the center of attraction.
  6. You're always in a mess: No matter how hard you try, you're always running late. This means that while you spend an hour procrastinating about getting ready, you spend mere fifteen minutes to put on a comfortable piece of clothing, fling your handbag on your shoulder, gather your things in your hands and rush out of your place. That is the reason why you resemble a maniac more than a person out on a meeting (which you ought to be).
  7. You have the talent to leave everyone surprised when you reach on time: Here's a surprise! For you and others. Everyone will swear by the book that you are always late (we're not bringing up this flaw intentionally. Trust us!) but you can (rarely) make others choke on their sip of martini or a slice of pizza when you enter the venue on time. Now, that's not a tough task (for mere mortals, you see) but for you, we bet it is and you love to see the shock on others' faces.

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