7 Things We'd Love To Hear From Our Friends (For A Change)

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7 Things We'd Love To Hear From Our Friends (For A Change)

We love our friends. There's no denying the fact. They are our partners-in-crime, our biggest supporters and critics, our soul, our life (whoa! We got carried away but we hope you got the idea). They play an important role in our lives but just like in our life where everything is sugar and spice, our friends, too, have an ugly side to them. They are bullies who leave no stone unturned to embarrass and humiliate us. They are the reason why we are looked down upon. It's because of them that we have to burn a hole in our pockets and sacrifice a lot! Let's be honest, at some point of time, we would have asked the Almighty to smack them hard and talk some sense into them (and we're sure He might have but our friends are too stubborn to listen to anyone).

Oh! How we wish they'd change for a day (just one day, that's all!) and we could hear them say these 7 lines.

  1. “Let's go on a trip”: We enjoy spending quality time with our friends. In fact, we can spend days with them without getting bored for a second. But going on trips with friends have their own charm. You get to travel and explore new lands with them without having to worry about mundane matters. But this remains a dream for most. Why? Well, because our friends refuse to travel. Either it’s a matter of money or heart or family. Your plan of travelling to a place “someday” never materializes. We'd like our friends to listen to us just this once because we're shouting, loud and clear, “friends, let's go on a trip”. We hope they reply in affirmative too.
  1. “Let's not cancel this plan”: We'll all agree to this one. Most of our plans remain in paper because our friends cancel the plan either right when you talk about the plan or at the last moment. You must be familiar with situations when you are ready to step out of the house to meet them and you get a call from them saying, “Hey, can we meet some other day? I'm caught up with something today.” At the last moment! Oh! How happy we'd been had they stuck to their pinky promise and not ditched us. Friends, we wish you'd said, “let's not cancel the plan” and stuck to it.
  1. “I won't tell you any sob stories about my breakup”: This is one moment you dread the most – listening to your friends cry over a heartbreak. We get that matters of the heart are not trivial but why would you want to turn to your friends, not for comfort but for bitching and drama, and spoil their day. A little drama and overacting does no harm (we love a dose of gossip) but we wouldn't want you to rant for weeks. And months. And years! Friends, let us hear you say those magical words, “I won't tell you any sob stories about my breakup.”
  1. “Let me treat you to a meal / It's on me”: Whenever we go out with friends, they ensure that at the end of the day, it is us who's left with a burn in the pocket. Not all of us but a single person. They escape from paying for their share by manipulation. “Can you pay instead? I'll pay you back when we meet next.” Or, “Why should we pay? Isn't it your treat for (insert random event that happened years ago, here)?” Or, “Is this our friendship? Can't you pay my share? You can't let money decide the value of our friendship!” Guys, for once, can you say, “Let me treat you to a meal.” Oh! How lovely that sounds!
  1. “Your secrets will be safe with me”: We've spent considerable time with our friends for them to know our best-kept secrets and hidden desires. They are our secret keepers. Or, we thought so. Yes, they know our secrets. No, they don't keep them to themselves. In reality, they torture us to get their way with us. How? With a secret weapon called blackmail. Wouldn't it be nice if our 'friends' would not turn into our biggest enemies at crucial moments, guard our secrets with their life and with an angelic hand gently placed on our shoulder, say, “Don't worry, your secrets will be safe with me.”
  1. “We approve of all your choices and decisions”: To all your choices and life decisions, your friends will have some or the other comment / suggestion to offer. You can not be correct all the time. Correction: You are never right. They will never approve of anything you do. Decided to join singing classes? “Singing is not your cup of tea. It'd better if you keep your mouth shut.” Decided to buy a pair of trousers? “The other one was far better.” In short, you can never satisfy them. In case you're wondering that you can survive without their approval, you need to think again. Only if they'd put a halt to this nerve-wreaking drama with an approval in the first go.
  1. “We'll maintain our true selves in front of your parents so that you don't appear in bad light”: They are lazy losers and messy monsters who love to chill in their pandemonium but ask them to meet your parents and they suddenly transform into soulful angels working for world peace. They create an appearance (read illusion) that is near perfect in the eyes of your parents and you end up at the receiving end of your parents' scoldings. Meanies, aren't they? Pure devils, maybe? We'd be happy if they could once, sincerely, say, “We'll maintain our true selves in front of your parents so that you don't appear in bad light.”

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