7 Things We All Do But Never Admit

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7 Things We All Do But Never Admit

We all dream and generally, dream big. And then, we create our fantasyland where we imagine how to achieve them, when to take the next step and how to react when we'll get what we want. Our imagination has no boundaries, no limitations; we can imagine what we want to. It may be as far-fetched as a dream can be, or totally bizarre! Say for example, imagine hosting a cooking show, and then enacting the entire plot to your invisible audience? Or, pretending to be a YouTuber and hosting your own makeup tutorial? All of us have done something or the other random thing but only within the confines of our home. Well, let's admit, they are too funny (and weird) for the world to see (even though the world does the same!). Let's take a look at things all of us do but refuse to admit:

  1. Dreaming with eyes open: Dreaming with your eyes open is an art everyone can master, but you'll be considered a true hero if you are not caught in the cat. All of us doze off during important meetings (they're so boring!) or class lectures (again, boring), but you can't help it. Your fanstasyland where you can be the master of all is much more interesting – you can do what you like, and be wherever you want. You can daydream about anything and everything – be it a practical or an insane thought.
  2. Talking to oneself: It’s not just your thoughts, you also talk to yourself when you're sad, happy, angry or afraid. You talk whether to share your thoughts or feelings or to look out for solutions to a problem. While many people talk to themselves in their head, others prefer speaking out. At times, you are so engrossed in your thoughts that you become unaware of your surroundings and keep mumbling or express through your face, much to the amusement of those around you.
  3. Skip showers: Ha! Got you. You'll find a lot of people who are addicted to cleanliness – a speck of dust, and they'll clean it. On the other hand, we have those who don't give second thoughts to dirt. They also don't mind not taking a shower. Their excuses range from being lazy, being late, or the weather being too cold. As long as they don't stink, not taking a bath is fine by them. In such cases, deodorants and perfumes come to their rescue. And if someone asks about it, they never confess of committing the crime.
  4. Stalking people on social media: Be it your ex or your colleague’s current girlfriend/boyfriend or the girl/boy you see every day at the gym, you do stalk people and check their social media profiles to see their pictures or know more about them. You might tell people that you are inactive on social media platforms and don't devote much time there, however the reality is different, and at times, you can use your research abilities to stalk people.
  5. Spend long hours in front of the mirror: Going out with friends, or getting ready for a party and you assure others that you will be ready in few minutes. No, that’s not easy as it appears to be. You may take less time in getting ready, but you spend hours checking yourself out in the mirror. Once you are satisfied with the way you look, you'll move on to the next part – checking yourself from different angles to confirm that your look is perfect and at last, trying to mimic walking on a ramp or see yourself dancing in front of the mirror.
  6. Lying: Let's admit it, no one is ever so good to never lie. All of us have lied at some point or the other. Be it to save yourself from a tricky situation, or to help others get out of one. If truth be told, we lie many times in a day, but our act so perfect that it is hard to convince the listener otherwise.
  7. Snooping on others: “I don’t care” or “I'm not bothered” are some classic responses we give when enquired about other's lives but the reality is different. You do care. In fact, you snoop on people's personal and private life. You are always interested to know minute details and like to keep at track of their every activity. 

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