7 Crazy Asanas You Must Try At Your Own Risk

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7 Crazy Asanas You Must Try At Your Own Risk

Yoga is known to be the best course that ensures a holistic effect, bringing together mental and physical disciplines to achieve a peaceful mind and body. It's pretty easy to do many asanas but we have to admit that there are some that can leave you baffled. If you don't practice yoga and don't have a handy flexibility kit installed inside your body, you are bound to run away from these asanas. They can be categorized as funny, painful or plain weird. We've jotted down few crazy-looking asanas that will make you think twice.

(P.S.: Try these at your own risk. We will not take responsibility if you strain a muscle or break a bone. We didn't take responsibility when we dared our teammates to try these. We haven't been able to untangle one of them.)

  1. Kurmasana (The Tortoise Posture): You don't have to hide in your cocoon / shell or between the sheets to try Kurmasana. As easy as it sounds, it is much difficult to perform. You have to sit with your legs wide apart. Then, bend forward, slide your arms under the knees and spread them wide, making a 180 degree with your hands. Your hands, legs and chin should touch the floor. Breathe deeply and relax (if you can). While it will promote flexibility, it will also cause a lot of pain.
  2. Yoganidrasana (The Yogic Sleep Posture): Though it sounds as if it would be a relaxing posture (after all, all you have to do is sleep), don't forget that it is the classic yogi pose which means that it is going to be complex. Start by lying on your back then bring your legs over your head. Place both the knees underneath your shoulder and your legs behind your neck. Oh! We forgot to tell you that the left leg goes towards the back of the right shoulder and vice versa. Now that you look like a complicated oval, relax.
  3. Dwi Pada Sirsasana (Feet Behind The Head Posture): The Dwi Pada Sirsasana promotes flexibility and encourages the person to draw the attention inwards and focus on the body as a whole rather than fragments. Start by sitting erect with legs in front. Then wrap each foot around the shoulders, behind the head in such a way that the weight of the body is balanced on your hips. Complete the posture by folding your hands together to pray. (You can trust us, you'll look funny!)
  4. Astavakrasana (Eight Angled Pose): All the fitness freaks who claim to be able to master the most amazing hand stands and arm balances, will start to sweat nervously at the mention of Astavakrasana. All you have to do is to do a handstand with your legs crossed around one of your hands, running parallel to the ground, straight as an arrow. Good thing that one has to do it for 30 to 60 seconds (you can break your own records). Bad thing that you'll be a mess if you're not an expert.
  5. Tittibhasana (Firefly Posture): While the insect may be a tiny creature, mastering this pose isn't as easy as buzzing around. Don't believe us? Try this. Stand straight and then bend your upper half of the body. Place your hands behind your legs. Bend down slowly as if sitting. Stand on your hands and straighten your legs. Let them be parallel to the floor. Then slowly lift your legs as high as you can. Still sounds easy?
  6. Super Soldier Posture: Here's a fact: you'll never see a soldier in this position. Not even in 'super' rare situations. We can't make head or tail of this pose. Literally. See if you can. Bend down, keep your legs straight, lift one leg, bend it, bend your elbow inside your other knee and grab your foot that is bend. Trust us, this is something you wouldn't want to try. Rather than looking honorable, it is funny.
  7. Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear Posture): Lie down straight on the floor. Raise your body in a way that it forms a 90-degree angle from the floor. Gently put your legs over your head and bring your knees to rest next to your ears. Straighten your hands to touch the floor. Breathe deeply while performing this asanas (that is, if you have life left in you). Though Karnapidasana is quite beneficial we can guarantee one thing: you'll definitely end up looking like an egg with arms and legs.

(Disclaimer: We do not encourage beginners to jump right into these mind-boggling asanas as we don't want you to break a bone or two. Start with simple exercises such as lying down (just don't doze off) and gradually shift to difficult ones. Remember, you've been warned. Don't play with fire. Or, asanasIf you get stuck while doing these asanas, do send in some funny pictures. We love to share a hearty laugh.)

Note: Want to know more about asanas? Then Yoga on the Go and Gaga Over Yoga are the books for you! These books will bring forth the surreal world of peace and positivism which will seem close at hand through the gripping activities and fascinating illustrations. 

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