6 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Lazy Person

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6 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Lazy Person

Life is a race and if you don't run fast you are bound to find yourself amongst those who have been deemed as losers or the unambitious lot. While many gear up for the challenges of life from an early age, there is a lot whose only desire is to be born as a stone in their next life so that they don't have to invest their energy and time in work. If they had their way, they would prefer spending money on hiring someone to carry out their daily chores than move an inch themselves. Surrounded by empty pizza boxes with flies hovering around them or cans of milk that have expired way before dinosaurs roamed on the earth, they do not care about anything apart from their comfort. Work is a word that never enters their thought. In fact, it is enough to give them nightmares. If you are one such person who has been called a lazy-ass more often than being described by any other (positive) adjectives, you'll relate to the following points. Let's see if all the of them made you go "Oh! This is so me!" (Psst, we won't judge you even if you turn out to be super lazy. We also fall into the same category *wink).

  1. Work is fine but more work is a big no: Contrary to beliefs you are not completely a lazy chap who prefers to lie still like an inanimate object in any corner of the house as long as you are not disturbed. On second thought, maybe that's what you wish for but being a human (ah! tough luck!) you do work. You have a life and you struggle hard to pass each day. While you do not have any issues working or rather slogging through piles of work, you will shoot a killer stare if an additional bundle if tossed in that stack. See for yourself – adding dirty dishes in the sink just when you thought that the water battle was over or being handed extra work when you were about to log out from work or being scolded by others when you politely asked them to pass the remote because you were too lazy to get up yourself! Who wouldn't be angry? (Well, not in the last scenario, of course.)
  2. Your room is in a state of organized mess: A quick scan of the room and it would be clear to any given stranger that your room is a hotbed for dust, dirt and filth. Your bedsheet appear more of an antique piece waiting to see the light of the day as they have metamorphosized into an unrecognizable creep since the last time you spread it. Your clothes are neatly organized under a pile of unwashed clothes. (We're sure they must be there.) The dishes that have attracted numerous bugs and best suited to be thrown out rather than being washed are also visible. But even in this mess, you are able to find what you need, or at least, reuse clothes, food and other necessities without being bothered about what others will say.
  3. Your motto is If you can't reach it, you don't need it: The lazy bum chums live their life to the fullest because they know which things or events need priority in their life. If you've comfortably settled down on your couch, bags of chips in one hand and a can of soda on the other and oops! forgotten the remote, you'll lie there until someone enters the room and passes on the remote to you. Or, if you drop something on the floor and it decides to roll down to the unknown corners of the region, you won't bother to hunt it down. After all, if you can't reach it, you don't need it. Remember? The tragedy lies with alarm clocks because you just DO NOT want to get up. And in case, some urgent event is scheduled for the day, you have to go to the trouble of setting alarms in multiple clocks at different time intervals.
  4. A chair and sleep is what you seek: In order to stay awake you prefer to stand and concentrate rather than curl up in the comfortable lap of a squissy chair or sofa. You know yourself that once you find a cozy piece of furniture (or if the situation demands, even the floor, for that matter) you'll end up snuggling down. You avoid taking five minute power naps in between long stretches of work for the fear of them turning into five minutes of work in between long stretches of rest.
  5. You always look for comfort: While others may draw inspiration from the line Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, your philosophy remains As long as it is in my comfort zone. Your house is an organized mess. All your clothes are neatly organized...in a pile on the floor or remain lying in the laundry basket (for months). You eat things right out of the box. After all, who will bother getting up from their comfortable space, search for utensils, spoil them and then wash them when they can simply add milk to the box of cornflakes, eat it and then throw it away? You have bare minimum in your house. You don't mind repeating clothes for days because they look fine (we mean, you haven't yet smeared your clothes with dirt).
  6. Hey! You're a genius in disguise: No matter what the world says you know your potential. You are smart in your approach to life. You get things right in the first go. As lazy bums you know how hard and time consuming it is to invest time and efforts in the first place. Who would want to repeat the same process again when you can get it right in the first place? Not you, of course! As a result not many are aware of your superpower of being an innovative genius. You see everything around you as a potential tool to simplify your life. Wish to switch off the lights at night but find it difficult to do so once you've climbed your bed? You have a long broomstick with you that reached the switches just right. You want someone to fetch things from the next room, you have your friend's secrets with you in order to blackmail them. You've even trained your pets to obey you. In short, there's nothing that is difficult for you.

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