5 Types of Flirts You Are Bound To Bump Into

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5 Types of Flirts You Are Bound To Bump Into


The word is enough to set one's imagination rolling. While some may blush at the thought of  encountering a flirt, others may be reminded of cringe-worthy encounters. To all those seeking romance, a healthy dose of flirting is good and is at times, advisable. Yes, you heard that correct but this does not mean that you pack your bags this moment and start a search operation. Let's try to understand how flirting works. Flirting can be done in different forms, be it striking up small conversations, blush-y smiles, wonderful winks or cheesy pick-up lines. However, there are no set rules or format for flirting. It completely depends on the one flirting and of course, the receiver of the flirty gestures. Most of the times, it is easier to flirt with people you know than your crush whom you have never spoken to. Flirting may not be a talent to brag about (especially in your resume) but it has  its own charm, style and technique, of course. To ease your work, we've identified various types of flirts who are to be found around. Next time you encounter one of the following flirts, you'll have a clarity as to how to approach them. Read on!

  1. Sincere Flirts: As the name suggests, these are the kind of flirts who are sincere in their actions. They are likely to talk about deep, heartfelt issues or discuss interests and would look for a serious emotional bond as they are genuinely interested in knowing the other person. They fancy everything about their prospective crush, be it their personality and everyday life or simple things, such as, their habits and preferences. The sincere flirts use flirting as a tool to initiate friendship with the idea of culminating it into a serious relationship.
  2. Traditional Flirts: The traditional style of flirting is an absolute conventional way where the man makes the first move while the woman is supposed to sit back, acting demure and coy. In short, the entire responsibility of initiating the conversation and making the first moves lies on the shoulders of the man whereas the woman waits to get wooed. Traditional flirting has been generally seen in the case of online dating. Agreed that women equally participate in this ritual of flirting but it's the guy who is expected to start first. Hence, for those who want to opt for traditional flirting, ensure that you have an attractive profile picture and an appealing profile.
  3. Playful Flirts: The playful flirts are a bit controversial. They will flirt with you but not because they like you. Basically, they flirt to either get things done their way or merely look for ways to pass their time. Known to be a little impatience, these go-getters prefer to be the center of attention and use their charm to work their way out of difficult situations or sweetly flutter their eyelashes to jump queues. To get things done in a manipulative yet pleasing way is the favorite style of playful flirts. Although, these flirts do everything in a playful manner and take things lightly, they do not mean any harm. Unfortunately, living in their own fantasy-land results in many hearts being broken in the real world.
  4. Physical Flirts: Have you encountered anyone whose smile made your heart melt? Or whose touch gave you goosebumps? If yes, you've already met the next category of flirts. These flirts don’t say much and let their body do the talking. They converse through their body language and gestures. Their eyes, hands and smile to make anyone go weak on their knees. While laughing, they may touch the other person’s knee or put an arm around their neck while having a conversation. Intentional or not but it proves to be an effective tool for such flirts as their charm starts working on the receiver of the potion. These people use combine flirting which includes both meaningful conversation along with a sense of touch and they know what works well.
  5. Polite Flirts: The polite flirts are the introverts of the group. Days, weeks or even months may pass but you will never get to know whether they secretly harbor a crush on you or not. They follow a different approach when it comes to flirting. In fact, while initiating romance they prefer to remain disassociated with the word for the fear of being typecast into certain categories. Their idea of romance lies in knowing the person gradually. As a result, one can never know what is going on in their mind. If the polite flirts are your ideal type, you may find these shy, introvert and quiet people observing others in tranquil places, such as, coffee shops and book stores.    

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