Things We All Should Neglect But Still Do

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Things We All Should Neglect But Still Do

We do things we like, then we do things that we may not like but still do due to multiple reasons. At a point, we know that certain things are not meant to be done by us or we should not do the same, but still we take it forward and continue to do. No matter even if we realize that these activities or habits can be harm us by one mean or the other but carry on with them. There should be a time and a moment when and where we should stop ourselves from doing such things. Let us have a look at few things that we continue to do but should stop doing:

  1. Putting others above us: In this selfish world, where humanity is dying, we should respect and care for others. But is it right to put others above oneself? Sometimes it is fine, but you should never let a person take charge of your entire life and existence. Keep others happy, make them feel special, love them dearly but you should not forget your individuality. Before loving and admiring others, love and respect yourself.
  2. Work endlessly: Work is worship. We all want to work hard and achieve more. But in the process of this hardship and work, we tend to neglect ourselves and our health. Late working hours and stress makes you unhealthy and affects your wellbeing. It should be of prime importance to take care of yourself and look after your health.
  3. Not focusing on your appearance: Looks does not matter. But the way you appear in front of others may affect your success and overall persona. Do not be obsessed with your looks and feel comfortable and confident of the way you look. But looking shabby and not caring for yourself can have its own aftereffects. For instance, not cutting your nails and hair for long can only make you look unhygienic and careless.
  4. Taking others’ opinions too seriously: It is good to consider and discuss important matters with your closed ones. But giving a blind faith on their opinion and following it blindly could not be a smart move always. Do take suggestions but look from all perspectives and make your own decisions.
  5. Not socializing or over socializing: It is no wrong to stay alone and live in your own mini world. We humans need company and we must socialize and spend good times with family and friends. On the contrary, that’s also not good to over socialize and not spare time for oneself. Learn to make a balance between your own time and the one you spend with friends.  

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