7 'Mistakes' You Should Commit Again If Given An Opportunity

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7 'Mistakes' You Should Commit Again If Given An Opportunity

Mistakes, We all commit them and try to learn from them so as to evolve oursleves into a better person. We're also asked to learn from others’ mistakes. But are all the things that one does that gets termed as 'mistakes' really to be avoided? What if there are a few that we want to repeat (we do that most of the time not because we like what we do but are too forgetful to correct them to avoid terrible disasters).

Give it a thought. You might find a few that you do not regret trying even when the result was something you hadn't expected. If no, then here are few 'mistakes' you should be proud of committing. Give it a read!

1. Prioritizing yourself: Human being are social animals and can't live without interacting with others for long (yeah, we get it. Some of you wish to be sent to a deserted island, far away from the species who are such a pain). In order to keep them happy, we tend to give up on our thoughts and dreams. But there are times when we need to stand for ourselves and prioritize our needs. If you've given importance to yourself over others, you should be proud of yourself.

2. Giving something you like a try: At times your mind is filled with 'wacky' ideas. You may like them or would want to give them a try but the 'sane' part of your mind would restrict you from taking a leap at the opportunity. Impromptu thoughts that excite you are locked in a corner and thought about again. If you've ever thought of letting go of all the worries and doing what you want, be proud. Even if you make mistakes you'll be responsible for them as you chose to go ahead but at least you won't regret not giving it a try.

3. Taking a break when things don't make sense: Today, life is too fast paced. Our schedule is packed to an extent that we don't have time to breathe without worrying about losing out on what's happening around. But if something does not make sense, rather than opting for a directionless life governed by insecurities and worries, take matters in your hands and take a break. If you choose to do so or even quit, it is your decision. It's not bad to think about yourself. Go ahead!

4. Making mistakes: We all dream of a perfect life and in order to achieve it often tred on a path deviod of challenges and harsh realties. Even when we encounter them we try to play safe. But what is life if you haven't experience the highs and lows of it? There's no thrill in living a secure life. Do what you want, make mistakes. Fall, get up, run again and tell your story of success.

5. Retaining the child in you: Have you ever been told to act your age – to say things grown-ups would say, think logically, behave in a certain manner? And the thought of acting in a manner that resricts you had made you uncomfortable? So, there's no harm in going back to being the old you. One must retain the child in them to be able to see the world in a new light – one filled with positivity, innocence and creativity. Never let that child vanish.

6. Moving at your own pace: Life moves fast, as do people. But if you cannot match the pace of the world, take it slow. Go at your own pace. Watch others run as you drink a cup of warm coffee and enjoy the harmony in nature. Don't worry much about others as they don't have time to look at others.

7. Trusting people: It's difficult to put your faith in others in today's world where negativity overpowers the good in everything. But thinking in this manner itself restricts you. One needs to see the goodness in things around them. If others let you down, do not let one bad experience compel you to return to your cocoon. Jump right back. Put your faith in mankind again and spread positivity and happiness. Don't let anyone stop you. Commit this mistake again!

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