7 Types of Laughs That'll Make You Reconsider Your Choices

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7 Types of Laughs That'll Make You Reconsider Your Choices

You meet different people in your life – during school days, college or your professional life, or you meet them at different places such as while travelling to office, or at the nearest grocery store or bump into them at any random place. There could be instances where you might have shared a joke or a small laugh with them.

If you are observant, you would have surely noticed that people laugh in their own way. Be it a hysterical laugh or a giggle, laughter has its own types. Some of them, we use at different situations, while some we craft. But there are a few that are pure evil.

They make us cringe or simply make us uncomfortable. Here are some that will make you reconsider your choices. Read on!

1. Cute laugh: This is one of the most deceiving laughs that you get. No, don't get us wrong. Those who spill innocence and giggle when happy are cute souls but it is a different case with the evil ones. There is something about their supposed 'cute' laugh which sends a shiver down our spine. Initially, you may think that the person is cutely laughing, thoroughly enjoying the conversation but when you observe closely, you will notice that they they refuse to stop at all. With tears rolling down their cheeks and the volume increasing every minute, the cute laugh suddenly turns into a cringe-worthy laugh – one you cannot make sense of.

2. Sarcastic laugh: Sarcasm is an art and not everyone can master it. To be a master of such a personality which also gets reflected in little things you do such as laugh, you really need to practice a lot and in fact, go through several serious situations and circumstances. Few failures or disappointments at different walks of life, and you will be able to get your hands on it. But be cautious of this laugh. You should know that the person is ready to take you down.

3. Fake laugh: A fake laugh usually happens when the person finds herself / himself in an awkward situation. You can spot this laugh when you are speaking to someone, waiting for their reply only to notice that they have a weird expression on their face as if they have not heard you. Correction, here's the fact: they have not heard a single word you've spoken. There's nothing to worry about this laugh but your experience can tell you a lot about the person you are talking to.

4. Obnoxious laugh: As the name suggests, obnoxious people have the most obnoxious laughter (guess, we didn't have to tell but, duh!). This kind of laugh should not be confused with sarcastic laugh. What differentiates people who fall in this category from the ones who are sarcastic is that they are so fond of themselves (such narcissists!) that they enjoy making fun of others. They are the most sadist ones. They laugh at the expense of others. All that matters is, that they should gain something from the situation. So, never ignore people with obnoxious laugh, rather beware of them.

5. Nervous laugh: You will find this laughter in a person who is either embarrassed or is confused. It comes out as a reaction to the audience’s expression. A nervous laugh is usually rendered by a conscious effort in order to escape from a situation quickly. This laugh is a result of anxiety and tension. Instead of relaxing a person, a nervous laughter tightens them more. And, it also makes you uncomfortable.

6. Evil laugh: This type of laugh is the one you should be aware of. You should also try to stay miles away from people who are into planning and plotting as they are up to no good. There's something fishy cooking in their mind and it gets reflected in their laugh which may mark the level of mischief they are up to and the rate of success of the plan. So, here's our advice: stay away from them.

7. Hiccup laugh: This is a unique yet identifiable laughter. A mix of sarcastic, obnoxious and fake laugh, people with such characteristic can be recognized easily. As the name suggests, they laugh in breaks, something that sounds like hiccups or a vehicle screeching while moving ahead. This laugh is also accompanied with occasional bouts of grunt. Why worry about it, you ask? At times, it may suggest that either they are not interested in what you are saying or are trying to make fun of you.

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