7 Things You'll Relate To If You Laugh A Lot!

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Laugh A Lot!

They say that laughter is the best medicine but there are some who have taken this to another level. They laugh most of the time. Correction: they laugh all the time. Once an interesting activity catches their eye, they'll find themselves too engrossed in it. And if it happens to be funny then there's nothing stopping them from bringing down the house with their laughter. They'll start tearing up and will not be able to stop themselves. If you are one such person who laughs a lot (and takes pride in flaunting your pearlies, well because you're happy and you know it, so why not?) then you'll relate to the following.

  1. Laughing All The Way: Almost all of your close friends and family members are aware of our laughing habits. But you manage to surprise them as well when you go on a non-stop spree. There are scenarios when you aren't able to control yourself. A minor spark of laughter gas can turn into an explosion as you refuse to stop even when your lips and stomach hurt, and tears roll down you cheeks. In short, there is no stopping you.

  2. Too Crazy For The World: The world, which is used to stern faces, fake smiles and obligatory grins, finds it hard to adjust to the routine of someone who laughs their heart out. In a bid to maintain 'normalcy' in the current pattern, they find it convenient to simply term such people as “weird”. If you laugh a lot, you might have encountered quizzical looks and at times, must have been reprimanded for your behavior. Yet you continue with your laughing spree.

  3. Wondering 'How Can You Not?': Those who love to laugh a lot find almost all situations funny so much so that you can see them suppress their laughter in situations that require them to compose themselves. For them it is a simple question: if someone finds a situation funny, how can you not laugh? Even in general, they are always baffled to see forlorn faces. After all, how can people not find things funny? How can they not laugh wildly?

  4. Highly Creative Minds At Work: People who laugh a lot generally find almost all situations funny, and in some special cases when you can't decipher a complex or too-cryptic-for-your-simple-mind messages, your brain takes charge to help you out. It twists these messages to make it funny. As a result, you end up laughing.

  5. Laughter Is The Best Expression: If you are happy, you laugh (hysterically). If you are anxious, you give a nervous laugh. If you're sad, you manage to smile. In short, your reaction to all situations is to either smile or laugh. You're a happy person who prefers to express yourself in a best possible manner.

  6. Emoji Overload: A person who loves to laugh gives the expression 'LOL' its true meaning and unlike their counterparts who type the three letters, our laughter experts use a lot of emojis to express how they feel. Thank the Lord (or rather, the organizations who introduce new emojis), the laughing lot have various options to choose from when trying to express themselves on social media platforms.

  7. When Your Smile Fades: Since you are always smiling it is assumed by others that you can never leave that grin behind but they are in for a shock when this happens. In fact, the moment you remain quiet for a duration that lasts more than a couple of hours, people around you are quick to realize that something is amiss. When you hide in your own cocoon, refusing to spread the happy virus everywhere, it is their cue that you're in a bad mood.


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