7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Perpetually Hungry

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are Perpetually Hungry

Some people eat to live and then there are those who live to eat. For these ultimate foodies, a meal is not a simple platter filled with basic food items meant to be consumed thrice a day but a grand festive affair where delicious, mouth-watering delicacies are savored with every bite.

Although it is essential to eat after every two hours, but these foodies are hungry all the time. But it is not just the simple food, it has to be perfect in terms of flavors and presentation.

And don't forget the mini snacks that are equally tempting! For these people, food is life! If you're the one who is always hungry, you would relate to the following. Read on! 

1. You have never-ending sets of small boxes containing snacks: One look at your bag, or rather bags, and one can easily guess the number of small boxes hidden in various pockets. Why? Well, you need something to munch on every now and then. Most of the time it is a case of hunger but even when you can't hear your stomach grumbling, you have the urge to give in to your habit and eat. At times, it may look as if you are the official supplier of food at your place.

2. Your meal schedule is not limited to 3 times a day: While normal people eat thrice a day (major meals, we mean) and add in one or two mini snack breaks, those who are always hungry have three heavy meals in between loads of mini breaks. You'll always find food near them. And, they will never say no to food.

3. You know almost all the food joints: Because you love eating, you've surveyed all the food joints around your area irrespective of their size or popularity. You are not only confined to eating at those high-end restaurants or sip your coffee at that branded coffee shop, you're aware of the tiniest of shacks hidden in the corner of the town. This makes you the perfect adviser when it comes to information regarding food.

4. You constantly worry about gaining weight: Considering the amount of food you eat you worry a lot about getting into shape. This does not go for those who do not gain weight no matter how much they gobble but for those who put on an extra inch even if they take a sip of water, the thought of being fit without having to give up on satisfying hunger is a task.

5. You'll surrender anything for food: If you're mad at someone, the mention of a treat to compensate for the tension between you two melts you in a second. The same goes for tricking you into accompanying family and friends to a festive occasion. We're not saying that you are someone who can be fooled easily if enticed with delicious delicacies, but you have your days.

6. Hanger is real: For those who are not aware of the term, hangry is when you turn angry because you are hungry. And it is a real situation. While people get angry for various reasons but their solution to being hungry is simple: find food. But for people who are always hungry, non-availability of food can turn them into Hulk on a rampage. The only solution to calm them is to give them food!

7. Your grumbling stomach has often left you embarrassed: Well, this is not an uncommon feature but when you are not given food, your stomach decides to take revenge from you and with a loud grumble, especially when the place you are at is a silence zone, tries to draw your attention towards it, leaving you embarrassed and looking for cover.

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