7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Child Trapped In An Adult's Body

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7 Things You'll Relate To If You Are A Child Trapped In An Adult's Body

Who does not want to go back to the childhood days? A sweet trip down the memory lane. We're sure all of us remember those days of happiness when there were no worries, no tensions and no competitions.

No one gave a thought to the race of success. Now, as adults, we wish to back to that time or revive the kid inside us. Even though we have grown old, but we have not let the child inside us disappear in the madness of the world. There are instances where we embarrass our near and dear ones with our silly acts.

Here’s a list of few silly, naughty or childlike things that we do that prove that we are a child trapped in an adult body. Give yourself a round of applause if you are one of us.

1. You constantly need to be entertained: If you constantly need attention and get bored of things easily, you are still a child. In this case, you will constantly need someone to keep you entertained with different things. If silence for long takes a toll on you and you look around for various activities then it is the child in you that does not let you stay idle and relaxed. In case you do not find anyone around, you will start spending time on you phone. All you need is to get entertained. Peace and tranquility is something that haunts you.

2. You will only eat junk food, if possible: If given a choice, all you will dig in to is junk food. If pizzas, burgers, fries, colas and sodas attract you, you are still a child at heart who loves to pamper himself/herself with mouth-watering food items. No, we are not denying the fact that you could be a foodie (since you love food). But, all we want to focus on, is that you ignore the difference between junk food and the greens (healthy food, remember?) and crave for food that satiates the need of your taste buds. And the worst is you can’t live without desserts.

3. You don’t like to share your things: So, from believing that mom and dad only belongs to you and your siblings have no right to them, to thinking that your work station is only your area of work (you despise others bothering you or creating a mess around you) and you can not share it with any other colleague, here you go. There is still a little child in you who does not believe in sharing anything. ‘Sharing is caring’ is an idea that you haven't come to trust. Yet.

4. You are still afraid to go alone in a dark room: You love to watch those horror flicks or paranormal series (you're a grown up who is supposed to be brave) but is afraid of going to that room/part of your house where there’s no light. Dare you to do it and it'll send a chill down your spine. There’s a child in you who does not let you come out of your well-lit room.

5. You love playing games: Play stations, play zones or even the memory of your phone filled with games, sends you down a memory lane. As a result, you spend most of the time playing games because the child in you has never gone anywhere. Playing video games is not only your forte but they are also your best friend.

6. You don’t take sign boards seriously: Sign boards are not meant for you. Things that are prohibited to be touched in stores must be observed, noticed and touched by you. The instructions and the sign boards are the things that you ignore right away. In fact, the ‘do not touch’ boards are treated by you as a challenge and you always accept it. It's the curiosity that lands you in trouble, you see.

7. The words ‘ice cream’ or ‘chocolate’ melts your heart: If you are upset or angry, just the mention of words such as ‘ice cream’ or ‘chocolate’ simply melts our heart and makes you feel better. Your fondness for these heart-melting food items can turn any ugly situation into a warm one.

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