7 Things All Book Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

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7 Things All Book Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

A book is everyone's best friend. It's a trusted companion and transports us to fantastical lands never explored before. And the dusty old pages of the books have their own charm. But here's a fact: in today's world, not many read. Glued to their gadgets or partying in different corners of the town, is a different group that acts in stark contrast to the ideal life imagined by bibliophiles.

The tiff between the two sets is often intense. Though not a lot of words may be exchanged but the attitude speaks volumes. Being book lovers ourselves, we'll give you a glimpse of what we're tired of hearing, and then, maybe, we can have a little discussion. Read on!

1. "You're a nerd": Boring, stupid and unfashionable. That's the definition of a nerd. Calling a book lover "nerd" is actually ironical. After all, they read more than your average person. Therefore, being a book lover may not always be equivalent to being a nerd.

2. "Why read when you can watch the movie?": Those who dislike reading books always find an excuse to stay away from them. Any constructive discussion about the benefits of reading always gets a nonchalant answer – why read when you can watch the movie? We bet all the book lovers would want to shout at the top of their voices that movies (in most of the cases) do not do justice to the book.

3. "Get a life": Given that a book lover spends a lot of time (read almost the entire day) glued to books, it is assumed that they don't have a life. But, much to the surprise of others, reading is what book lovers seek. It is their sanctuary, it's their fantasyland. They lead a life of their own (but we really think hibernating in the company of books, in their cosy comfort may not be all that good. They need to go out and soak in the sunshine.)

4. "You're crying over someone who isn't even real": No one understands the pain of parting with lovely characters when you finish reading a good book. Though the characters have their 'happily ever after', the reader has to undergo tumultuous period of parting with a book and starting the hunt for a good book again. The books offer us an alternative, rather preferable settings and characters that steal our heart, therefore, crying is justified (and a lot of tissues are required).

5. "That's a thick book": If you are an adult reading a novel, it's going to be a 'thick' book. But a 200 pages (minimum) book is not thick. Ask the book lovers! They would happily read it in one go. In fact, they love the ones that exceed 350 pages limit (not denying the fact that it is the story that matters not the page count but if a good book has more pages, it's a win for us).

6. "How can you find time to read?": Now that's a simple trick. We have a book with us wherever we go. While we eat our eyes remain glued to the book; when we travel reading is a must to keep boredom away; when it's raining, pat comes out our book (and a cup of coffee/tea). Heh heh!

7. "I think print is dead": Though there is an ongoing war, uh, we mean discussion, BUT YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! The fragrance of the book, the need to touch the physical copy and flip through the pages cannot be compared to reading on a gadget. Agreed that it has its own pros but reading a book is an incomparable experience.

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