7 Must Haves While Traveling Solo

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7 Must Haves While Traveling Solo

When you decide to travel alone, you not only take a decision to travel all by yourself, but are also confident that you will be able to manage things on your own. Traveling solo is fun but there can be situations where you will find yourself in a soup. To help you, there will be no one else but you (and your belongings, if they have escaped the torture). When you are traveling alone, it is not only important to travel light but travel smart. Here, we list for you few things, or rather, must haves that you should carry with you during your solo journey. Take a look!

  1. A nice pair of shoes: Whether you are planning to go on a trek or enjoying a walk close to the beach, you can manage with a single pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but will also look nice. Pack those shoes that you can wear throughout the day when you walk around and can also don when you are going to watch a play or visit the nearest restaurant for dinner. Choose comfort over style, just this once.

  2. Disposable/reusable carry bags: This point is not only useful when you're traveling solo but also when you are in a group. However, when you are traveling alone, it is essential to carry disposable bags so that you don't have to search for places to throw the litter. Also, they can be useful when you have shopped a lot and you need more bags to carry the extra luggage.

  3. Customized first-aid kit: While traveling, a first-aid kit is essential as you don't know when you might need it. There are few things that you have to include in the kit. Include some tablets for a throbbing headache, a packet of wipes, a roll of bandage. Also, if you are diagnosed with an ailment, make sure to carry your medicines and keep a check on your health. For example, if you suffer from vertigo, you must carry medicines that help you provide relieve.

  4. A portable charger: In today's time, it is difficult for one to stay away from their devices. Even when we are away on a vacation, one wants to stay connected. A portable charger is a device that can be very helpful to you during your trip. Situations when you want to click the picture of a beautiful historical site or capture nature's view. What if your phone's battery dies? A portable charger comes handy in such situations and could be of much help to you.

  5. Emergency contact information: To be safe and as a safety measure, in general, always carry a card or details of your immediate family members or friends with you. This becomes necessary when you are traveling alone. In case, you lose your belongings or you get into a trouble, the details about the person to contact shall come handy. Similarly, if you are on a trip to a new place/country, keep the emergency contact details of the police and hospital with you.

  6. Soulful music in your playlist: Keep your playlist updated in your mobile phone, music player or any other device that you prefer. Just imagine being on snow-capped hills and listening to your favorite music. Doesn't it sound like a dream? Or imagine enjoying the night life and walking down the streets at night while you listen to your favorite band. To enjoy these moments, it is important you keep your playlist ready.

  7. Books: Nothing else can be your best companion than good books. We recommend you carry fun activity and coloring books along while you travel to your favorite destination. (Psst, in case you are searching for cool, fun-filled books, Offshoot Books  will keep your boredom away during your trip). Sit on nature's lap - the peaceful hills or the silent beaches, and enjoy the harmony of nature as you immerse yourself in some quality me-time, letting your creativity take over.

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