5 Ways In Which You Can Ensure You Have Quality 'Me-Time'

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5 Ways In Which You Can Ensure You Have Quality 'Me-Time'

What will you do if you have an extra hour for yourself? "At a time when twenty-four in a day are way too less to do all the tasks at hand, an extra hour can hardly ease our pain," we hear you say. Yes, you are right. Partially.

While we all agree that it is important to allocate time for ourselves where we can do whatever gives us pleasure and helps us relax, we realize that we are also caught up in this vicious cycle of unending responsibilities that tighten their hold on us when we try to break free. As a result, we appear to be carved to perform tasks mechanically – fulfilling our duties, living up to the defined codes of conduct, without giving much thought to our needs and desires. It is precisely because of this monotony that we need a change.

You've often thought about implementing changes to ensure quality 'me-time' (but someone save us from procrastination!), it is time to take charge again. Here are 5 ways in which you can get the work done and enjoy a nice break. Read on!

  1. Fix an appointment: One of the biggest reasons for our failure to extract some quality time from our busy schedule is because we take the matter too lightly or procrastinate. How do we overcome this challenge? Schedule the date. This means that there is no escaping the appointment. Prioritize it and ensure that you do not let other matters take charge of your life (unless it is something that requires attention).
  2. Learn to say 'no': When a non-serious, non-urgent work hovers in your mind, give yourself a good shake. Remember, taking care of yourself is a matter that requires equal attention. Only a fit body and a sane mind can work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, learn to say 'no' to work that is not important.
  3. Complete your tasks on time: Often we tend to laze around which ultimately results in a lot of work piled on our tables. So, when you have work and you know it has to be finished at all costs, do not delay it till the deadline is on your head. Start early, finish early. Remember, early bird catches the worm.
  4. Start a disciplined lifestyle: As kids we had our timetables set that defined how our day was to progress. This ensured that we could do the tasks that were to be done (read attend school and finish homework) on time and also had time for ourselves. But as we turned into adults, all this went downhill. So, it's time to take charge again. Make a schedule and lead a disciplined life. You'll not only find yourself completing the tasks but also have time in hand for other tasks.
  5. Move away from your gadgets: In today's world which is driven and (heavily) dependent on technology, there's never a moment when we are away from it. Intentional or not, we find ourselves glued to our gadgets, and not just for an hour or so but for long (continuous) stretches. So, make it a point to limit your use of technology when it is required and you'll find a lot of time in hand to explore new interests or pursue your hobbies.

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