5 Reasons Why Laughter Is Good For Health

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5 Reasons Why Laughter Is Good For Health

Laugh more often, it won't cost you a penny.

In fact, you should share it with one and many.

Good for your spirit, good for your health,

it is more valuable than all your wealth.

Brighten your day, lighten your life,

end your worries, your care and your strife.

Reduces that deadly stress hormone: 

Stress is a part of life. But when day after day, tension mounts and stress piles up, it becomes important to look at life from a different perspective altogether. Studies suggest that laughter can help reduce stress hormones, strengthen your immune system and lower your overall stress level. Do you have any reason not to believe them? We don't. Therefore, whenever you are under stress, either due to unmet deadlines, low increment or the boss' anger, try and share a joke with your colleagues to laugh it out. You will be surprised at how stress flies out of the window, leaving you happy and carefree.

Burns calories: 

If studies are to be believed (and trust us, we do thorough research), laughter helps in burning calories. Although, it is not a physical exercise, it increases your heart beat and your metabolism. Do not forget to include laughter as a practice in your day-to-day life. However, do not let go of your diet and gym altogether. Although laughing may not be able to help you lose all those extra kilos, but hey! you could let it burn them as much as it can. 

Brings social benefits: 

Laughter is contagious. So, go ahead, laugh with people and spread it far and wide. By laughing with them, you will not only bring happiness to your life, but will also help lighter the mood of people around you. This will enhance and improve the quality of social interactions that you share with them. But hang on! Do not start sharing jokes with strangers; you will only end up being termed ‘weird’.

Cools anger: 

Diffuse anger and conflict with a smile. Looking at the funny side of a situation can change your perspective and put your problems at bay. Share your laughter and keep aside bitterness and resentment. You don’t need to attend anger management classes to control your anger, simply share a laugh and relaxed.

Breaks negativity: 

People who laugh often tend to have better self-esteem and a positive outlook towards life. Laughter and good humor will open doors for elements such as joy and celebration of life and make negativity vanish. Stay calm and composed and laugh more often to make your life more vibrant, cheerful and happy.

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