5 Reasons Why Daydreaming Isn't A Bad Idea

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5 Reasons Why Daydreaming Isn't A Bad Idea

Have you ever been caught spacing out in the middle of an important conversation? Or, have been accused of not paying attention and being lost in your own fantasy land? Well, congratulations on achieving the honor of not following the norms and happily daydreaming to the fullest! And, guess what? You're not wrong when you daydream. As it turns out (and we have scientific proof to back our claim), daydreaming isn't bad. Yes, you heard that right. So, next time you're caught spacing out, you can offer following explanations to justify your act.

  1. Offers peace of mind: A much needed requisite to a happy and healthy life, daydreaming is the antidote to all the things that weigh you down. It not only offers an alternative to the reality but, at times, also acts as an escape from monotony, allowing your body to take a break.

  2. Enhances creativity: Have you ever noticed how you tend to create various levels in your thoughts, smoothly gliding from one scenario to another as you explore the unexplored regions of your fantasy land? We bet it wouldn't had been possible had you not been creative. Daydreaming helps you to enhance your creativity. Next time when you come up with creative excuses and lies to cover up your goofs, you must thank your talent to daydream.

  3. Increases productivity: Daydreaming is a productive task as it helps you to explore various solutions available, that hadn't been thought of earlier, to questions that leave you in a fix. Every time you find yourself stuck in a process, take a deep breath and open the doors of your fantasy land. Your brain will offer you amazing options to choose from as answers to your problems.

  4. A better place to be: Daydreaming, as pointed out earlier, offers you an escape from monotony. In this new land you create your own castles, can think of the unthinkable, ride dragons and are masters of your own life. So, whenever you wish to take a break, adjust your chair, lean back and with a smile, dream on.

  5. Sleep without being caught: Last, but definitely not the least, daydreaming is the perfect way of sleeping with your eyes open. But this works best only when you have been able to convince others that daydreaming is good for health. Once you are in the safe zone, even if you sleep with your eyes open, when caught, you can take refuge in the idea of benefits of daydreaming.

    We won't boast about ourselves, but we can teach you the art of dreaming without being caught. You can trust us, we try this all the time at work.

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