10 Things To Do When Traveling Solo

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10 Things To Do When Traveling Solo

Earlier, the idea of travelling solo is always considered weird, but nowadays travelling solo is preferred by many. Travelling all alone has its own charm and set of pros and cons. A solo trip is one of its kind experience that you may not get during weekend getaways with friends, family vacations or even honeymoon.

The first solo trip can teach you many things. It can offer you two varied reactions. You will either have peace or anxiety.

So, if you are planning to take out some me time and go on a solo tour, we have listed a few things that you must do while travelling solo.

1. Make friends with yourself: When you have decided to travel solo, learn to be alone and spend some me-time. Befriend yourself and do what you like. Don’t forget that when you have decided to take a solo trip, you are independent enough to go all way round, all alone. During the trip, introspect yourself, know yourself and learn more about yourself. Believe in yourself and trust us that no one can be a better friend of yours than you yourself.

2. Stay at inexpensive places: When you are travelling solo, you would like to live in inexpensive places such as hostels, guesthouses or other communal living. These places are not only inexpensive but are also comfortable to live in. you will also get a chance to meet new people, especially those who have similar thoughts like you and do the same things you do. This way you will get a chance to meet new people and share your experiences with them.

3. Be prepared to lose your belongings: Travelling alone means taking care of everything alone. Visiting a new place for the first time increases the chances of you being lost or your things being misplaced or may be stolen. If you do, don’t lose heart and spoil your mood after losing some of your belongings. They may be some of the things that you want to discard anyways after our trip. Don’t let it affect your whole trip. However, it is important take extra care of them and not leaving them anywhere and everywhere. It is also suggested to keep your identity cards and other relevant documents at a safe place.

4. Meet the locals: Do not hesitate to speak to the locals when travelling solo to a new place. Surely, it is better to be attentive and cautious, but the locals can be the best people to give you recommendations regarding everything you require during your journey. The locals can also help you get acquainted with the people, places and culture of the place.

5. Ditch your phone: Yeah! We know how much you love your phone, but at times, it is necessary to all be with yourself. When you are away from your people and your world, you must be looking out to stay away from the hussle and bustle of you regular life. For once, ditch your eyes and let your eyes explore. You may want to capture the beauty and the moments, but do not forget the charm of experiencing the views from your own eyes and not the lenses of your camera.

6. Ready to learn about your strengths and weaknesses: Being alone at a new place will give you several chances to introspect yourself. You can experience the changes in your life and learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. The challenges you face, and the hurdles you cross are a great way to understand how you can cross them. So, make the best use of the situations and let you learn about your plus and minuses.

7. Keep a travel journal: Not every moment can be captured in pictures but can be experienced in words. While you travel, keep a travel journal/diary where you can put your experience into words. Capture your best moments, your experiences, fears and challenges that you faced and jot them down in your own words. Writing your feelings will give you more peace and helps you connect more with the place you are travelling at.

8. Learn and observe: Great learning comes with great experience. Observe, explore and learn during your trip. If not more, you can learn about the people, traditions and culture of the place. Be a keen observer and look for varied things.

9. Travel light: When you are travelling alone, you are not supposed to take your home along. When you travel alone, travel light. Keep essential things only and do not fill your baggage with extra items. Travelling light will make you feel comfortable and easy when you go around to see different places.  

10. Try to speak in the local language: Make an attempt and try and learn some basics of the local language of your destination. Even if you are bad at pronunciation, your efforts will be appreciated and welcomed by the locals. For basic conversations, you need not have to be a language expert, but efforts are never ignored. You can also use translation apps or guide to learn the basics. Do not hesitate to ask for help form the locals.

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