DIY Crafts to Keep Vacation Blues Away

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DIY Crafts to Keep Vacation Blues Away

As the vacation season winds down and the prospect of returning to routine looms ahead, it's easy to feel a tinge of the "vacation blues." But fear not! We've got the perfect solution to banish those blues and keep the summer spirit alive a little longer – DIY crafts! Engaging in creative projects is not only a fun way to pass the time but also a fantastic way to express yourself and create lasting memories. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies and let's dive into some exciting DIY crafts that will keep those vacation blues at bay!

Make Your Own Photo Frame

Collect items available at home. Like, beads, seashells, sequins, buttons, straws etc. Arrange them around a plain photo frame using your glue gun. You can add a personal touch by painting the beads or embellishing your frame with glitters. Keep your photo and voila – you have your memories beautifully framed!

Memory Jar

Create a memory jar filled with mementos. Decorate a glass jar with colourful ribbons, stickers and paint. Then, fill it with small items collected during your travels. These may include photographs, seashells, postcards, ticket stubs and even handwritten notes about your adventures. Whenever you wish to relive your memories, simply open your memory jar and take a trip down memory lane.

DIY Travel Journal

Preserve your vacation memories in a personalised travel journal that reflects your unique style. Start with a plain notebook or sketchbook and decorate the cover with travel-themed stickers, washi tape or your own illustrations. Use the journal to jot down daily reflections, sketch landscapes or paste in souvenirs like ticket stubs and brochures. Your DIY travel journal will become a treasured keepsake filled with memories of your adventures.

Vibrant Tie-Dye T-shirts

Pick a plain t-shirt and some paints. Make easy patterns like concentric circles, triangles, mandalas etc. Next, put on some globes and grab some and a plastic cover for your work area. Pinch the centre of the shirt and twist it into a spiral. Secure the cloth with rubber bands in a pie-like fashion, then apply different colours of dye to each section. It's a great outdoor activity for a sunny day and you'll end up with personalised shirts perfect for summer vibes!

DIY Bird Feeders

Making DIY bird feeders is a fun and easy way to attract birds to your backyard. You can start by finding pinecones and spreading peanut butter all over them. Then, roll the peanut butter-covered pine cones in birdseed until they're coated. Finally, tie a string around the pinecone and hang it outside your window. Birds love the tasty treat and they'll come flocking to your yard to enjoy it. It's a great way to observe different types of birds up close and enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home!

Nature-inspired Art

Press flowers and leaves collected during your outdoor adventures between the pages of a heavy book. Once dried, arrange the pressed flowers and leaves onto cards or canvas to create unique floral arrangements or nature-inspired collages. Frame your artwork and display it in your room. Don't let the end of vacation dampen your spirits – embrace the opportunity to get creative and make lasting mementos that will keep the summer memories alive all year long. 

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