Vibrant Colour Activities to Brighten Your Vacation

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Vibrant Colour Activities to Brighten Your Vacation

What does a vacation bring?  Relaxation, exploration and most importantly a lot of fun. One way to ensure your vacation is both filled with all of these is by incorporating vibrant colour activities into your to do list. Colours have a profound impact on our mood and emotions. Engaging in colourful activities can make your vacation even more delightful. Here are some ideas to brighten your vacation with a splash of colours.

Art Tours 

Plan a visit to art exhibitions.You can explore amazing paintings and sculptures. You will see bright colours, fun shapes and even learn about famous artists. Don't forget to bring your curiosity and imagination. It's going to be an exciting adventure full of creativity!

Create Your Own Tie-Dye 

Unleash your creativity with a tie-dye activity. Whether you’re at the beach, a campsite, or a cosy cabin, tie-dyeing t-shirts, scarves, or even socks can be a fun and artistic way to spend an afternoon. This hands-on activity allows you to blend and experiment with different colours, resulting in unique and personal souvenirs from your trip.

Art and Craft Workshops 

Many travel destinations offer art and craft workshops where you can learn traditional techniques and create your own colourful masterpieces. Whether it’s pottery, painting or mosaic making, these workshops provide a hands-on artistic experience and a chance to bring home a handmade piece of art.

Nature Art

Take a stroll outside and let nature inspire their artwork. Collect leaves, flowers and twigs. Then, use these items to create rubbings, prints or as stencils to draw around. This activity helps you connect with nature while boosting their creativity.

Draw Your Favourite Storybook Character

Draw and colour your favourite character from a storybook. This activity enhances your drawing skills, stimulates your imagination and fosters a love for reading. By illustrating your beloved characters, you connect more deeply with the stories that you enjoy.

Finger Painting

Finger painting offers a wonderful tactile experience. Explore different colours and textures by using your fingers to create art. This sensory activity is both fun and educational, promoting creativity and fine motor skills. Materials needed include non-toxic finger paints, large sheets of paper and aprons or old clothes to protect clothing.

Stained Glass Windows

Create stunning stained glass window art using coloured tissue paper and clear contact paper. This project not only brightens up any window but also teaches you about light and colour. With scissors and these simple materials, one can produce beautiful and vibrant window decorations.

Drawing with Music

Play different types of music and draw whatever you feel like or what the music inspires you to create. This activity connects emotions and creativity, enhancing both listening skills and artistic expression. Keep paper, crayons, markers or coloured pencils and a music player handy to facilitate this imaginative exercise.

Collaborative Mural

Create a large mural where each one of you contributes a part of the artwork. This activity fosters teamwork and a sense of community while allowing individual creativity to shine. By working together on a collective piece, you can learn the value of collaboration and shared artistic vision.

Offshoot Books offers an extensive collection of drawing and colouring books, perfect for an engaging and enjoyable artistic experience. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, our books provide endless opportunities to explore your creativity. Dive into a world of colour and imagination with Offshoot Books and let your artistic journey flourish! Explore a few of them below. 

Coloring Ain’t For Me:

A series for those who feel burned out at the end of the day’s end— for those who think of themselves as non-artistic—for those who would rather shop, travel, eat or dream than colour. The noncommittal, not-so-art-like quality of the series draws such people into their secret fantasy worlds. They can travel to places off the map, eat without giving a thought to that extra calorie, splurge and dream, only to know that they can never be wrong.

Pattern after pattern unravels the threads of imagination of the reluctant artists creating a piece of tangible reality.

  • Dream-o-Holic
  • Colouring, that the stargazers would not dream of, becomes the stuff of their dreams in the pages of this book of mindful colouring. Pattern after pattern unravels the threads of their imagination and leads them through the mazes of their mind. They dream as they colour and, in the process, colour their dreams.

    Detailed doodling pages are scattered throughout the book, making them a haven for daydreamers. A beautiful and inspiring book for dreamers, it leaves them mesmerised and relaxed.

    Source: Dream-o-Holic/Offshoot Books

  • Explore-o-Holic
  • For the one bitten by the travel bug, this book brings for the traveller incredibly detailed real-world images of explored and unexplored countries and cityscapes. Wanderlust finds expression in mazes and fantastical patterns of neighbourhoods and landmarks. The traveller, and the non-believer, will find it hard to put this one down as journeying through the intricacies of colour and imagination becomes the destination.

  • Shop-o-Holic
  • A gateway to the secret fantasy world of shopaholics, who would rather shop than colour! A cheerful collection of all that a shopaholic would dream of (and afford!) is brought to life through gorgeous designs and patterns. Delightful activities unleash their irresistible urge to splurge. So, the shopaholics shop for their dreams and colour them wild—rather than shop till they drop, they colour till they drop!

  • Food-o-Holic
  • A must-buy for all those who eat, drink and love to be merry. Delicious-looking designs are a feast for the eyes that are always on the lookout for grub. The food lovers would colour away to fill their appetite, making weight gain a myth. In addition to the colouring pages, food-centric activities cater to the sophisticated palate (palette!) of the gourmet. In no time, colour steals into their hearts till they find themselves steeped in the flavours of their imagination.


    One is never too old for colours. Colour, relax and reinvigorate yourself through these intricately designed books of art and design. The books will calm your mind and shift your focus away from the worries of everyday life while stimulating your creativity. Unleash your imagination as you colour, embellish and bring to life the magical world of your dreams. Check out our official website and explore all the titles in the Expressions series. 

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