Red Riding Hood: A version you have never read before

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Red Riding Hood: A version you have never read before

Red Riding Hood is a timeless fairy tale cherished by all. Originating in European folklore, the story of Red Riding Hood has been a beloved tale for children across centuries. It has taught valuable lessons about caution and the consequences of not obeying what elders say. It has also been adapted multiple times and remained a staple in children's literature worldwide. Offshoot Books has introduced a fresh perspective to this classic narrative. Let's delve into this captivating story which is as lovely as the original but fresh and new in its approach.

Meet Red, a loving, kind and adventurous girl. She has been blessed with a heart full of compassion, she shares joyous moments with her beloved animals. She even readily extends a helping hand whenever they are in need. One day Red embarks on a journey to visit her grandmother. Despite her mother's warning, she takes the way through the woods to reach her grandma’s house. As Red passes through the woods, she meets a wounded rabbit and starts comforting it. Little does she know that a wolf is lurking behind the bushes, observing her every move. Unlike the traditional tale, the wolf's intentions remain covered in mystery, leaving readers intrigued and curious. 

As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the wolf's pursuit of Red is not as sinister as one might expect. Rather than an imminent attack, the wolf curiously follows her, eventually reaching Red’s grandmother's home. The story keeps readers on the edge, leaving them to ponder the wolf's true motivations.

Why is the wolf tailing Red? What does it truly desire? How will Red deal with the intentions of this uninvited companion? You will find the answers to these suspenseful questions within the pages of Red Riding Hood by Offshoot Books.

Offshoot Books' fresh take on Red Riding Hood is going to help readers rediscover the classic fairy tale. Red's character is going to endear all the readers with her warmth and kindness. Grab the book and get started on the delightful journey with Little Red Riding Hood.

Offshoot Books’ “Twist in the Tale” series:

This series provides a fresh take on the beloved fairy tales we've all held close to our hearts. The unexpected turns in these familiar stories will engage both children and adults. Young readers will not only rejoice in these tales but also gain a thorough understanding, as the stories are written using vocabulary from the Cambridge list specifically designed for Starters, Movers and Flyers.

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