Exploring the Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

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Exploring the Wonders of the Animal Kingdom

Exploring the Wonders of the Animal Kingdom 

The animal kingdom, also known as Animalia, is one of the major biological kingdoms and comprises all multicellular organisms capable of locomotion and ingestion of food… Hold on! These lines read very much like they're directly picked from a big book of science. Well, very agreeably, these lines are packed with the right knowledge and information, but as you know, an added dash of fun and wit to science does no harm! In fact, it adds magic to learning. Thus, we would like to invite you to a safari of the Animal Kingdom where we will offer you some fun-filled activities through our book called, Witty Activities with Animals. Read on! 

The Bone-y and the Boneless: 

You know that most animals have bones. But do you know that there is a special kind of bone column that is present in some animals? It is called the backbone or the vertebral column.Here is an image of a vertebral column. Can you count how many bones comprise the vertebral column? 


Those animals that have a backbone are called vertebrates. Have you seen any vertebrate animals? You will remember once you know some examples- dogs, cats, deer, cows and many others. 

Those animals that do not have a vertebral column are called invertebrates. If you take a walk in your garden, you can see many invertebrates. They include bees, wasps, ants, butterflies and many others. 


Amphibians are among the trickiest animals to understand. Their name, ‘amphibians’, means ‘two-lives’. That’s because amphibians can live both on land and in water. They are cold-blooded animals with a wet and clammy skin. They also have webbed feet that are suitable for swimming. Now, you must have guessed the names of some amphibians that you see commonly. Yes, frogs, toads, salamanders and others. Take a look at the young amphibians in the picture given below. And give the exercise a try!

Slithering Snakes:

Snakes are as amazing in their nature as they are in their names. They are carnivorous reptiles. They have a long body covered with shiny scales. You will be amazed to know that they have no limbs and no ears! But, these slithering organisms have very poor eyesight. They can see only fast moving things. But, in spite of that, they’re excellent predators. They have a unique Y-shaped tongue using which they can lick the air and find out where the food is and what it smells like! They can also sense movement on the ground around them through their body. Even though they lack arms or legs, they can swiftly navigate on the ground moving left and right in a wavy motion that pushes them forward. Vipers, cobras, boas and pythons are snakes that we hear of quite often.

Two friendly snakes are throwing a challenge for you? Why don’t you try it? 

Source: ‘Witty Activities with Animals’


If you like playing in the backyard, you must have seen insects crawling in different places. Let us tell you an interesting secret- the Earth is full of crawling insects. There are millions of different kinds of insects living on our planet. Some of these insects are so small that you won’t be able to see them with a naked eye, while some are as long as a foot ruler! All insects have six legs and their bodies have a hard outer shell that protects them. They also have wings and antennas. The bees, ants, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs and beetles you see around are all insects. There are shadows of some insects given below, can you guess their names? 

Source: ‘Witty Activities with Animals’

The Cool Reptiles:

Now, it’s time to learn about some cool reptiles. There is a reason behind calling them cool. That is, they are all cold-blooded vertebrates. Reptiles keep a watch on changes in temperature. When it’s hot outside they run toward the water or find a shady spot. And if it’s cold outside they hang out in the open. They are covered with protective scales all over them. Crocodiles and lizards are some common reptiles. But there are more reptiles around us. Can you spot their names from the grid below? 


Source: ‘Witty Activities with Animals’

Isn’t it amazing to learn about the huge diversity of animals around us? And when there are witty activities accompanying your animal safari, the fun is doubled! To learn about the different types of animals and enjoy fun filled activities grab a copy of ‘Witty Activities with Animals’. Brought to you by Offshoot Books, ‘Witty Activities with Animals’ is an amazing read for children. It effectively introduces them to the animal kingdom. Chirpy birds, cool reptiles, mammals, fish and all others along with fun-filled activities. Every page is an artistic combination of informative facts and colourful pictures. 


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